Angel Dvd Season five release

Which region? 1, 2, 3, 4??

Region 1 - my guess - sometime next year - like April or May - since we're just getting season 4 in Sept -

everywhere else? your guess is as good as mine - I know the UK gets stuff before the US - but, beyond that - I'm at a loss -

I don't keep up b/c I don't have a region-free DVD player -
well, last I heard it's due out in the US in Feb 2005.

How do I know that?

I got mine pre-ordered at Amazon. :)
I think it's the same for the UK.

One of my friends pre-ordered it and it's all she can talk about :D
Yeah - I think it's supposed to release next month in the US -

Haven't ordered that one yet b/c I just ordered MacGyver and still need to get S7 of SG-1... ;)
I also got charmed coming out this month

And for my birthday I got to order Stargate season one, so we know I have ways to go on that.

Of course it's my own fault. My husband discovered angel, got hooked for for christmas a couple years ago I got him season one on DVD. Naturally he had to have them all.

Then we discovered Buffy and are working on them too.

And his obsession with CSI.

Anyway, back to ME! Working on Buffy, Stargate and Babylon 5.
Someday I'll have them all. Years from now it will all seem worth it.

I think I better stop babbling now.

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