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May 23, 2004
please dont post a reply that you dont want to see a new site
i know theres some ppl that will
this is not for ppl like you this is for stargate fans that want to talk to other fans and have a good time on line with other stargate fans .
i like the forums here and i think there a good place to hang out
but i want you to know that i have opened a new site based on stargate atlantis .
this is not spam if you want to se this site you can email me at and i will send you the link to the site if you dont then you cant say i made you look .
i opened the site with the fan in mind we have no pop ups and we have games and a duty log chat like the showtime site had on there site .
i was one of the first members there and i founded the vrsgc (virtul reality statgate command ) then i was one of the first in the sga now i am running a new atlantis site we will be adding new games(we added a new game today 05-22-04) and have lots of fun ppl from the sgc and the sga
and the vrsgc so if you want to come play at atlantis email me today and i will send you the url as soon as i can . we have a lot of ppl emailing me so it may take a day or two so hang in there
put i want to see atlantis in the subject line of your email so i know its one i need to look at .

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