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Sep 26, 2000
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The cast of Stargate Atlantis has finally been unveiled! GateWorld has exclusively obtained the official cast list for the new series, which is now set to premiere in July on The Sci-Fi Channel. Led by actor Joe Flanigan as Major John Sheppard, Atlantis includes five regular cast members, one of whom is a familiar face to SG-1 fans -- David Hewlett, whose character Dr. Rodney McKay will be a regular on the show.
"We have met with hundreds of actors in order to assemble just the right ensemble cast for this series, and we are certain that we have found the perfect Stargate Atlantis team," Hank Cohen, President, MGM Television Entertainment, told GateWorld. "We are confident that come July, Stargate fans all over the world will be thrilled as this terrific cast leads us on many new missions and explores countless new worlds in the Pegasus galaxy. All of us on the production side are gratified by The Sci-Fi Channel's belief in us by ordering this exciting extension of the Stargate brand directly to series, and airing it concurrently with the extremely popular SG-1."


More information can be found here:

I like the link to SG-1 with having McKay, and Robert Patrick is pretty cool too.

I still think Jonas Quinn and Dave Dixon should be in the main cast though. 2 charecters that I'd really like to see more of.
I made a post earlier, but never mind...

Check out

and click on the new BEHIND THE SCENES thing for a number of ATLANTIS shots that sites like Gateworld, etc. have used for publicity shots for ATLANTIS
Not a problem...

We can never have too much information. :D

Dr. Rodney McKay

I have faithfully watched Stargate since the movie first came out. Was very pleased when SG-1 became a tv series. Like most shows, there are characters that are so annoying you cannot stand them. Whether it is the casting of the role or the way the character is written.

Why did they have to bring back David Hewlett as Dr. Rodney McKay. McKay is one of the most annoying Stargate characters they have had. The type of character that I hit the MUTE button every time I see them on screen.

If they could not have found an existing Stargate character other than McKay, then they should have created a new character.

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