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Feb 12, 2004
Story snippets

Ok I only saw two or three episodes when it aired, and I dont have time to download them at the moment.

I remember seeing Dooku/Tirranus fighting that skull thing, and I remember seeing OBi-Wan fighting that droid thing, and the speeder bikes.

The only significant bit of story I remember seeing, was Palpatine giving Anakin control of the fleet (Which is obviously the beginning of Vader taking control of everything with his fleet and hunting down the remaining Jedi)

Can anyone give me some of the main story points ?
I've only seen the 'Skull thing' too. I've seen that 3 times. Hopefully, they may release the whole thing on a DVD sometime.

There are 10 more episodes out soon. This from 'SciFi Wire' means that there will be some more "significant" things uncovered:

Episode III Villain Unmasked

from Scifi Wire

Star Wars: Episode III producer Rick McCallum told the official Star Wars Web site that fans will get a glimpse of the prequel's new enemy, Gen. Grievous, in an upcoming episode of the animated Star Wars: Clone Wars series. "In Attack of the Clones, we saw that former Jedi Count Dooku was the political leader behind the Separatists' movement and instigator of the Clone Wars," McCallum told the site. "In Episode III, we'll meet Gen. Grievous, the military leader of all the Separatist armies. He's part alien and part robot. Grievous is a master strategist and the greatest hand-to-hand Jedi killer the galaxy has ever known."

In Chapter 20 of the Clone Wars series, the finale set to air April 8, a group of Jedi Knights is being decimated by a seemingly indestructible new enemy. By episode's end, the Jedi and viewers both will understand the power of Gen. Grievous, the site reported. Ten new episodes of Star Wars: Clone Wars begin on March 26.
There's a review at of chapters 11-20. Don't go there if you aren't looking for spoiler though, as the storyline for each ep is discussed.

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