2.7: Voices In The Dark


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Dec 30, 2000
Teleplay By: J. Michael Straczynski
Directed By: Martin Wood

Summary: With his family being held hostage, a stranger named Adam tires to kill Jeremiah. The brush with death brings Jeremiah and Libby face-to-face with their growing affection. The incident also convinces Jeremiah that they have to learn more about Daniel's organization before it is too late. Markus disagrees so Jeremiah sends for Kurdy. Faced with Jeremiah's plea for help, Kurdy finally overcomes his anger and he and Mister Smith agree to accompany Jeremiah on a reconnaissance mission. What they find is chilling.

Rachel, a resistance fighter, shows them the size and scope of Daniel's empire and ambition and introduces them to Karl Stevenson. Karl is a defector from Daniel's leadership team and knows a great deal about the organization, so Jeremiah and Kurdy agree to get him out of the city and back to Thunder Mountain. They may succeed but Mister Smith foresees a terrible price to be paid.

Another amazing episode, I can't say I have seen a weak episode so far since Season 2 begin. This season have been just awesome.

The attempt on Jeremiah from Daniel was really a great story. How they used Adam to kill Jeremiah. Also as was expected the disagreament between Jeremiah and Markus when Jeremiah wanted to go to Daniel's territory to learn what he's doing and what their against up but Markus wanted to wait to have more info of what they should expect before sending a team there.

It was great to see Kurdy and Jeremiah together again in a mission. The side of Daniel is really amazing with all the progress etc. It was interesting how Mister Smith help them of been capture doing exactly what he do in Thunder Mountain telling the guy he was from the same place he was.

All the thing about the underground and Rachel was very interesting. And the conversation of Mister Smith with Karl specially when Mister Smith says it was only the beginning. Also love when they come back to Millhaven after escape and Markus appear. But the end of the episode was incredible, Rachel seeing the pictures of Jeremiah, Kurdy and Markus as enemies in Daniel's addressing to the people. Is a shame we have to wait till 2004 to see the rest of the story. Because it definitely is getting better. I'm really looking forward to see Daniel. It would be really interesting to see what kind of person he is.

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