2.5: Rites of Passage


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Dec 30, 2000
Teleplay By: Sara (Samm) Barnes
Directed By: Martin Wood

Summary: Devon arrives at Thunder Mountain and Jeremiah is looking forward to spending time with him but they find their reunion being haunted by the unspoken question: what happened to Jeremiah's mother? Libby knows and gives Jeremiah a letter Devon entrusted to her long ago. As he reads, Jeremiah learns a lot about his parents and what happened to them right after the Big Death. What he does with the knowledge will shape his relationship with Devon for the rest of their lives.

Being at Thunder Mountain gives Theo time to ponder a question of her own: can she really handle the responsibilities that are looming in her new life? It falls to Erin to try help the woman who never accepts help from anyone.

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I just love this episode, finally we see the reunion between Devon and Jeremiah. It was very short but the thing about the letter that Libby give to Jeremiah was just awesome. I specially love that we get to see what happen to Jeremiah's father after they left the house. And learn about Ezequiel's father and from what he get his name of Ezequiel. It was a really good story, very touching. And it also show why Ezequiel always see Devon as his father. It was good to see some closure to Jeremiah's relationship with his father.

I just love the interaction between Theo and Erin. It was really strange to see this two, and it definitely require all the patience of Erin. :lol: But I love it, it was a great girl talk. I definitely love at the end of the episode when Theo ask Erin in front of Markus, Leo or Cleo. I just love Kurdy and Markus comments. It was hilarious.

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