2.4: Deus Ex Machina


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Dec 30, 2000
Teleplay By: J. Michael Straczynski
Directed By: Mike Vejar

Summary: Markus tried to bring order out of chaos but is meeting resistance from the new young leaders who have grown to maturity and power by taking care of number one. Among this group, Theo is his unlikely choice for a possible ally but she has a surprising reason for being preoccupied. Some of the delegates are missing and, fearing thugs have captured them, Markus asks Kurdy to try to find them. Kurdy wants to take Mister Smith, but Markus partners him with Trent, an existing member of the Thunder Mountain team. Cory's vicious gang captures Kurdy and Trent. The gang is holding the missing delegates but rescue for anyone seems impossible until the mysterious Mister Smith makes an unexpected and electrifying appearance.

One person everyone at the leaders' meeting seems to have heard of, but never seem, is the mysterious Daniel who controls an area on the East Coast. When his representative arrives, Theo makes an astonishing declaration that sets new wheels in motion.

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This episode was incredible, and I have to say that Theo was awesome. I really enjoy her conversation with Markus, or kind of since he was trying to see why she was so silent and not herself. :D But the best definitely was when he talk in the meeting and help Markus to get finally The Alliance. That part was just awesome. It was good to see Daniel's guy speechless. :lol: Of course the revelation of why she was so silent was really big. :D

The conversation of Markus with Kurdy about Mister Smith was also good, specially when he give other partner to Kurdy and later have to apologize to Kurdy when Mister Smith save both of them and the people they were to rescue.

The character of Mister Smith is really a dilemma, specially with the thing about the pictures he takes and knowing things. When he talks to Cory was really strange and impressive. Is he really talking to god? How he knows the things he knows. This definitely is going to be one of the things to discover in Season 2. Of course, that and Daniel and his people. It looks like it going to be good.

Krystal :rain:

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