1.10: Business Unfinished

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Dec 30, 2000
The plan to get the money from the death rich woman son was just hilarious and the best part of the episode. It was interesting seeing Daisy, Mason and George in all the situation but at the end seeing Rube knows all about it and how he end it was brilliant. This definitely was the best part of the episode.

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Dec 28, 2000
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It goes to show, Rube isn't the boss by accident, he's a smart guy and he knows what Daisy (and Mason) are capable of, and is able to thwart them effectively.

I liked the reapers from the "plague division" who have lots of spare time to help out Rube with his plan to outwit Daisy!! Reapers heal fast, and can withstand being shot too! I guess they're pretty much immortal in an undead kind of way (reaper = vampire!!)

It seems the rich woman got her way in giving the information to her son to save the family business, but Daisy didn't get her cash, and she got handcuffed to a chair to boot!!

There was some more fun at the Happy Time office, with a huge pile of collating to do, but surely their laser printer could have been set to do that automatically, and then all Milly would have had to do was bind them! Daisy shouting her way through the office was funny, although she didn't think to use George's "other" name, so questions could have been raised there.. I loved the rich woman's comment about the office "is this a sweat-shop?" :D

The 2nd storyline was also very moving, I felt it gave a good insight into Roxy's character, her usual attitude of snappyness and anger is a bit more understandable when you consider that she was an aspiring dancer and was murdered by her friend for a business idea, and forced to spend the next twenty years as a reaper, and traffic warden (meter-maid I believe is the phrase!). So Roxy died in 1982, and clearly still has some emotional connection to her former life, whereas Daisy, a 1920's death, seems much more at ease with her existence, I wonder how long it took her to "get over it"?

Not too sure about the sense of throwing a VHS tape onto an open fire though, burning plastic isn't generally a good thing, although I don't suppose they have to worry about their health!!:
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