How's this VERY interesting thought? (Spoilers?)


May 27, 2003
I would love to take credit for this one, but I can't. I found this
posted on another forum by someone with the handle MRM - Searching
For the Truth. I will paste it in its entirety. You can find the
original at

Here goes, and I'll enjoy reading the fallout.
Date Posted: Jun/12/2003 11:00 AM

"This goes deep, so follow me if you will:

The original Matrix starts with Trinity and Cypher talking, the
screen shows "Trace Program" and the date "2-18-98".

The movie ends with Neo making a phone call, the trace program is
initiated and the date reads "9-18-99"... 19 months have passed!

If you watch the movie again, you'll see that the time sequence
implies that they found Neo shortly after that initial conversation
(a few months after 2-18-98 at most).

Significant? Yes; I propose that Reloaded and Revolutions (which we
know occur one after another), take place between 2-18-98 and 9-18-
99. Here's why:

Only a few months could have passed from the time Morpheus and the
crew 'free' Neo to the time Neo is killed and revived in the
hallway. Why? for one, Neo's hair barely grows in that time and
that's not a trivial observation (it's also obvious that Neo grew
out his hair in Reloaded which occurs roughly 6 months after he's

We also know the W brothers don't put insignificant things into
their movies - the fact that they obviously signal to us that 19
months have passed from the start of the Matrix to the time Neo
makes that phone call is there for a reason.

In Reloaded, Neo says that "I wish I knew what I was supposed to
do". The phone call scene in the Matrix, Neo is very sure of what he
is supposed to do, "I'm going to hang up this phone and show these
people what you don't want them to see... a world without you,
without controls and boundries". Why would he have forgotten what to
do between M1 and M2? he didn't, that last scene in M1 occurs after

Finally, at the end of M1, Neo states that "I can feel you now, you
are scared". At the end of Reloaded he says, "Something is
different, I can FEEL them now".

One more thing. A game directed by the W brothers called Matrix
online is due in '04 and the timeframe takes place after
Revolutions... and the matrix is alive and well in the game.

My guess is that there is no MWAM, they don't destroy the Matrix
because they can't unplug everyone at once and we'll see Neo make
that very same phone call at the end of Revolutions!

I hope this wasn't too confusing to follow."

VERY interesting yes? Now I need pkgrl to confirm those dates :)


Well, cr@p! Those dates are right! Now I have something else to eat away at all my hard-won Matrix theories! :angryfire

I hate it when people smarter than me show up and remind me of it.

Of course, it is possible that the Wachowski brothers chose those dates for the hell of it. I know that 9/18 is Andy's wife's birthday (and the time that Neo woke up late for work) and 2/18/98 might have been another date that's important to them (beginning of principle photography on Matrix?) and it is true that they strictly control what shows up in the film, but it's also possible that they never actually thought they'd be able to make the other two and threw in those dates just because they're important to them personally and not in the context of the films.

It's also possible, that in my desperation to preserve my already engrained notions of the Matrix, I'm simply trying to find any justification for this person being wrong! :D

Edited to add: Okay, in watching more of The Matrix (yes, again) you have to admit that there is a flaw with the above argument... at least one, anyway. The original trace program may have started in Feb. 1998, but they don't find Neo until at least 11 months later. Remember Morpheus says, "You believe that it is the year 1999, when in fact, it's closer to 2199..." meaning that, if Neo believes it's 1999, they didn't find him until that Matrix year. So even if the trace on Trinity, at the beginning of the film, was in 1998, they weren't able to pick up Neo for quite some time after that.

Ha! I knew I could poke a hole in there somewhere. :D
good thoughts pkgrl. knew if anyone could find a flaw in this theory it would be you. i am not convinced myself anyway. someone else pointed out Neo's clothes are those of Matrix Neo rather than Reloaded Neo but he could well change back at end of Revolutions anyway.....

i think fact that those dates matter to the brothers more important than endning of revolution dates...

still impressive someone can bring a hole new debate to Matrix hehe from something oblique like this :)

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