More Anderson Films Planned?

ray gower

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Jun 5, 2001
It is starting to look as if Gerry Anderson's creations are starting to become hot property.

Disney Studio's are reported as having taken an option on creating a live action version of Joe 90. Unlike the fiasco that is threatening to be Thunderbirds, perhaps this one can be done like a Harry Potter film. Certainly it can't be any worse?

There is also a rumour of an UFO film being prepared in the US.

More information on either would be appreciated.
This guy seems to have some inside knowledge:

Ned Cook reporting for World TV News...


5th May: According to a recent in-depth report in the Irish Independent [Dave says - Is He Irish? I never realised that if he is.] Gerry Anderson has signed a consultancy deal with Universal for the live action Thunderbirds movie although he admits that due to his other commitments he won’t be closely involved with the film. "I'm doing my own thing," said Anderson, "so I haven't got all the time in the world, and also I know consultants can be a pain in the arse, which I don't intend to be. It's Jonathan's picture. If he asks me what I think I will happily tell him, and if I can help him to make it a better picture I will. But I won't be going down there every five minutes interfering with them."

Anderson also confirmed that Carlton intends to bring back International Rescue as a computer animated series and that Jonathan Frakes has been sneaking over from his set for long chats about his movie. And more interestingly, Charles Bender, the producer of Solaris (2002), apparently has his eye on a remake of the 1970s live-action series UFO.

The article also gave a couple of insights into the new computer-generated Captain Scarlet. "The Mysterons are waging a war of nerves," said Anderson, "and here we have, inevitably, ramming buildings, planting bombs, trying to kill the [Iraqi] president." The subject of Captain Scarlet, he concedes, is terrorism which makes its revival strangely prescient.

Thunderbirds movie updates: Filming is currently taking place on the opening oil rig rescue - the sequence features both Thunderbird 1 and 2, Cliveden in Buckinghamshire is being used as the exterior location for Lady Penelope’s stately home, The Hood uses the Mole to burrow into Tracy Island, Wellington College in Berkshire is being used as Alan’s American school Wharton Academy, FAB1 is a Ford (which can fly!), and Universal wants to get a teaser trailer for the film ready for the release of The Hulk - it will feature Thunderbird 1 flying past The Houses of Parliament and landing in Parliament Square.

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