"The Sentinel" - Quiz time!!

Not really a big fan of Blair - I mean, don't hate him, but he's not my 'type' - character-wise.

and re: the question ----

no fair - going all the way back to like the 3rd episode -- eek!

um - 4?? I dunno ---
See now this is why I don't ask the questions.....

You want a thread dead in under 3 posts ya get me to ask a question.

Any way here is a hint to my question of how many times did Larry trash the loft........

He did it coming and going.....now the question is how many times did the ape come and go from the loft?????
Honestly - I have no idea --

maybe Rowan knows ---

Rowan........... come answer ------
Ah ...

Let's see... he trashes it when he first gets there and then ...

I'll go with twice, but I may have to rewatch the ep to make sure.

And I'll go with a new question:

What store is Jim's residence over?

Um - ya know --

I don't think I've actually seen the name --- do they show it often and I've just missed it? Or is this one of those - look real close, or you'll miss it ones? ;)
{ACA} Spellcaster said:
ok here's an easy one

who passed the way of the sharman onto Blair?

I want to say it's Incacha - but for the life of me - I can't remember if it was him or one of the others.

But - I suppose I'll have to go find out if we're gonna kick-start this quiz again.
definately Inchacha.

According to Jim, what are the scariest words in the English language?

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