What's your fav Simpson's Episode?


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Sep 15, 2001
Mine is the episode where they go to Rio De Janeiro.
I loved the monkeys, Carneval, the dance school. the orphanage, and of course the kidnappers! :D
I'm not sure about my favourite, but there is one Ep that I've seen too many times - it's the one with the monorail. It's always on!!
Ah, yes. You Only Move Twice. A classic. I'm partial to Last Exit to Springfield, Lemon of Troy, and Bart of Darkness, myself, though my fave list runs to ten or ffiteen...
I love the episode with Frank Grimes.
And also the Trilogy of Errors.
Most of the Hallowe'en specials.
Oh, and more recently, The Frying Game, with the screamapillar. Heh.
Oh! The one with Mulder and Scully from X Files, where an alien in the woods turns out to be Mr Burns. Brilliant.

Hell, I just love The Simpsons!
Oh! The one with Mulder and Scully from X Files, where an alien in the woods turns out to be Mr Burns. Brilliant.

Hell, I just love The Simpsons!
Don't you love the guest 'appearances'
I love the way the nuclear plant is 'run' by Homer.
plus the Lisa Simpson Saxophone solo's
plus comic book guy
Ow,what's not to love?
It would be hard to pick a favorite episode as they are all good and as much as I know my Simpsons I am not too big on episode titles but one of my favorites has to be homer 3d from one of the Halloween specials and I love Scorpio especially the song at the end
The Submarine eppisode "Deep Sea Homer" (I think) Full of gags + it has the re-incarnation of Lenin "Must, crush, Capitalsm! Argh ahh!"

lol - made me lmao ^_^
Probably the monorail one. With You only move twice a close second.

Can't remember the episode name, but I also loved the one where the childrem rebelled. It did a great job of sending up "The Village of the Damned", and the end song was one of the best musical bits in the series :) *
Best bit of that episode though had to be Nelson holding the fence open for Lisa.

*speaking of musical scenes, which episode had the Planet of the Apes musical in?
Hehe thats a classic one.

Its really impossible to say the best of them all. Cause the first 15-16 years of the 18 was pure classic stuff. It has got a little edge less lately but still much better than Family Guy and the rest with thier gutter jokes.
The one where Homer tries to join the Freemasons(or something) and then they see his birthmark:D Cracks me up every time the helicopter flies into the apartment block that they just painted blue!:D
The one with Ned Flanders screaming "Purple drapes" also makes me laugh every time.
Also the one..you know what there are so many! Any with Sideshow Bob still raise a laugh from me.
I love episodes that have both Sideshow Bob and Cecil (gods, I love both of those characters!). Seeing as it's Kelsey Grammer and David Hyde Pierce who voice the characters, the way they snap at each other in the cartoon always reminds me of the Frasier Brothers verbally sparring :D
The human cannon ball, the acid factory, the sand paper factory and the mattress factory - that's just being demolished.
True-using the Frasier actors as those characters was genius!:D I can't stop thinking about all those rakes now..

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