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Dec 30, 2000
I think if you see my avatar you will know that my fave character is Markus Alexander played by Peter Stebbings. And since there are no much information of him in the Internet I decided to put a little gallery for him in my site. So please go visit it to see pics of him in Jeremiah and soon I will try to put pics from others characters he have play.

The url is

Krystal :cool:
I know I've seen him in other things. I just can't think of where :(

He has a very striking face.
Yeah, you know when I first see him I have the same reaction. I know he have been in the episode Gender Bender in the X-Files he was the one that play Marty(the male side). I remember something about the episode, of a woman that transform into a man but really don't remember him in it. So I'm looking to see it again now that I know him more. :D

Then in his credits I notice that he was in a movie called No Alibi, and bingo that is the one I know him from. Is a movie with Eric Roberts and since I love his work and try to see all his movies, found Peter in it. He plays the brother of Dean Cain( I think that is his name, the one from Louis and Clark). He have a very important role in the movie, Eric Roberts kill him :( In that movie also is "Andromeda" the actress that plays here in the series. I will put pictures of it later in my site from it.

Hey, you're also a fan of Stargate I think, what you think of JR Bourne(Martouf) in Jeremiah's The Touch, at first I wasn't sure it was him but then found it , it was good to see him again.

Krystal :p
I haven't watched that one yet, but I have it on tape.

What did you think of who plays Jeremiah's mother? ;)
Originally posted by Gemsong

What did you think of who plays Jeremiah's mother? ;)

How can I forget that :D I remember when I see the premiere of Jeremiah, I was look is Janet. Is a shame that she only plays the character that day and in Jeremiah's thoughts. :(

Krystal :p

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