2.22: Be Careful What You Witch For.


It goes on.....
Apr 22, 2001
2.22 Be Careful What You Witch For.

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Some demons send a genie to the Charmed Ones to destroy them. When the girls discover the genie, they don't wish for anything becuase they know that wishes aren't free. But the genie changes appearances to make the girls wish for something. Prue ends up wishing that love would be like it was the first time. Piper wishes that Dan would move on with his life and Phoebe wishes she had a new power. Piper finds out that Dan is moving and that he's rapidly getting older (moving on with his life). Prue is 17 again (the first time) and doesn't have her powers. Phoebe's new power was stolen from a warlock. The warlock comes in wanting his power (flying) and Phoebe flys away with him and drops him somewhere. Piper and Leo tell Dan who they really are. Prue is killed by the warlock after she sneaks out of the house and Leo can't heal her. The genie returns to his bottle and they wish that their wishes were undone. They free the genie and make Dan move on with his life happily with no consequences and Piper and Leo orb off together so that Piper can meet the elders.

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