What's Your Opinion Of The Star Wars Cartoons On Cartoon Network?


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Jun 3, 2004
I'm not much of a fan myself. I was hoping the animation would be a little better...although I'm impressed that they are actually showing characters being killed, albeit gore free.

For those who have seen them, what do you think? Lucas recently announced plans for more of them.

I just realized that many of you may not have The Cartoon Network, are they playing on another station in the U.K.? Or am I silly and you folks do have this channel over there?


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WARNING SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, I like them except for the one about Mace Windu on that agriworld,
ok Windu is cool, I like his carachter, but they have him doing too many over
the top tricks (and that earthquake hammer employed by the droids is
pretty corny...).

But the rest of the series is ok...and the duel between Anakin and the 'would
be Sith' hired by Dooku amidst the ruins of Yavin 4 (!!!!! :)))) is EXCEPTIONAL,
easily on par with some movie saga moments!

When Anakin picks up the red bladed lightsabre and fights back in anger you can actually 'see' him giving up to rage and beginning to draw on the dark side...
...this shows you the cartoons are not simply another marketing trick to keep
interest high while Ep. III is being made...but do fulfill an actual narrative gap
between AotC and Fall of the Jedi/Rise of the Empire/whatever....

That's my 2 credits,

see you in space,

Admiral Meltan Hralgo.

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