1.04: I Fall To Pieces


This is Star - my honey!!
Jan 18, 2001
I Fall To Pieces - Episode 4

Creating new thread. Only episode discussion please. :D

"A desperate young woman pleads for Angel's help, as her disembodied stalker grows more violent"

annette :)
I wasn't a great fan of this episode.. the concept was a bit too far out for me, with floating eyeballs and "Addams Family" hands running about the place...

But at least they got paid :D
This was quite Adams family type episode. Hadn't thought about it that way to start with.

It was creepy with eyes and hands going for a walk by themselves. Glad someone finally realised what was going on.

annette :D
While not a great episode, I wasn't bored throughout it so thats a plus :D . The bad guy was pretty lame but creepy at the same time.
Eh - not one of my fave eps -- but I like the scene w/ Angel walking up to Melissa and handing her the business card and not really sure how to 'present' himself and his business --- very funny -- ;)

but that guy - the doctor - very creepy ----
Yeah, the villain was a bit lame, but the episode was a nice commentary on stalkers--not great, but nice. The doctor's attempted sexual assault on Melissa was probably the most disturbing and frightening scene. And the running gag about coffee was amusing :) .

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