Awards and Records for Fellowship of the Ring.


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Jan 5, 2001
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The Fellowship of the Ring remained the No. 1 US box-office draw for the third weekend in a row, taking in about $23 million for the three-day period starting Jan. 4, the Hollywood trade papers reported. That raised Rings's total so far to about $205.5 million since its Dec. 19, 2001, debut.

The Fellowship of the Ring was named movie of the year in the first annual AFI Awards, handed out Jan. 5 in Beverly Hills, Calif. The awards, launched by the American Film Institute, honored outstanding achievements in film and television for the year 2001.

Rings production designer Grant Major also won an award, as did the film's digital effects artist, Jim Rygiel.
Does anyone think that Fellowship of the Rings will surpass the One Billion mark? Or that the Trilogy combine will?

Personally, I am hoping the movies will gross higher than Titanic, just for spite.
It'll definatly go higher than Titanic, because Titanic was short lived, LOTR will stay for a long time because it's a book, and a classic at that
ya, it's a classic, i think that the trilogy will gross at least 1 billion, mabey 2
Don't you love it that LotR has grossed 205 million dollars in 3 weeks, approximately 95 million dollars less than Harry Potter, which has been playing for 8 weeks?

This means HP get s about 37 million dollars a week, where as LotR get 68 million dollars a week.

That is a quite a difference
ok im not sure if im the only one who thinks this but do you think it will over top the star wars trilogies?
I don't know about Star Wars. You have to think, will it top Star Wars when it first premiered in the 70's/80's, or do you add on all the re-showings that have occured lately?

With the adjusted rate, and allowing the multiple releases, the SW Trilogy grossed over 2 billions dollars. Staw Wars alone got 1 billion, and Return of the Jedi/Empire Strikes Back each got about 500,000,000.

I'll be happy if LotR just kills the #7 Highest grossing film Titanic (gee, can you tell I loathe that film?)
:evil: talon, m'dear, you just keep getting better and better.

I hated that film *so* much.... when I would go over to my oder sister's house to visit, I would leave if she put it on.
Titanic? Oh I watched a bit of that today! I think Star Wars sux and I will dance if LOTR beats it I really will!
to all those that love leonardo i apologize but in all honesty.... i was glad he croaked in that movie..... he was just bugging me so much!
:dead: < ~Leo Me~ >:D

Leggy, you don't like Star Wars? Are you some kind of inhuman monster who feeds on our brains or something?
the only star wars movie i liked was return of the jedi..... the ewoks were soooo cute!
Titanic is bad....Star Wars is cool.....LOTR is absolutely amazing
Best film ever.

Nothing will outstrip LOTR#1...apart from maybe the other LOTR films:D

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