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Apr 19, 2001
I feel lately that the stories aren't what they used to be...bear in mind I've only seen as far as "Rules of Engagement" but I feel most episodes end far too abruptly, like in "Into the Fire", one minute they're all in mortal danger and the next they're off home just cos Teal'c and Hammond eliminated the immediate threat! No mention of other SG teams to secure the area or anything! And what about "Deadman's Switch", "Demons" and "Rules of Engagement"? Everything is wrapped up awfully quickly! Now I know they have a budget and time limit to keep to but still a little teeny weeny bit more wouldn't be bad! Or is that to come later and I should be patient and wait and stop posting stupid points? :dead:
Ends to fast?

'Into the Fire':

Did end quickly. I felt 'Serpent's Grasp/Lair' of S1/2 had a more definite ending. Teal'c and Hammond showing up? Hmmm, hard to see what else could of happened......, but we didn't see what happend to all those Jaffa who were kept there, or if the Tok'ra woman survived (she deserved to, she put her life on the line for her beliefs, and SG-1 in the process.)

'Deadman's Switch':

Definitly ended short of a conclusion. What happens to Aris Boch? After such a turnaround, we didn't see if he did or did not allow tests to be done to see how he has immunity to Goa'uld infestation. Didn't see what happened to Korra, either (and if he was so in deep with Sokar's ranks to get himself found out, why didn't he warn them about Sokar's plans? or of Jacob's involvement, if he was indeed already involved?)


Sorry, I don't agree with you there, ending worked out ok to me.

And I can't remember the ending to 'Rule of Engagement'.

Overall, however, I'm inclined to agree with you. The ending does go fast sometimes, and it does seem to wrap everything up in a nice package.
Saying that, I'm reminded of the slightly abrupt ending to 'Holiday'. You honestly thought that would be it. And then we get 'Legacy'.
Though I think that it would be a mistake to easily write off the inventions of someone who was such a problem to the Goa'uld.
I agree with this point, however, I can't really remember any specific eps in season 3 where this happened. I began to notice it in season 5. The show would end without any real closure for the audience. I like to see everyone come back through the gate to earth safely and have some emotional reaction, etc. from those waiting for them. Something like that. I think all of the eps should end showing the team at de-breifing with Hammond. They don't have to show us the whole de-breifing, just put some closure on the ep. Not a bad idea, I think!

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