Stargate Spinoff?


Frelling Wicked
Oct 8, 2000
Sphinx Stargate Reports:

Possible Stargate Spinoff called "Atlantis".

It is rumoured that the shows producers / directors are talking about
setting up a spin-off series. This is important for writing the
storylines for both Season 6 and the Stargate 2 movie. This was recently
announced in the MGM newsletter but under mysterious circumstances the
letter has been edited to remove the proposed titles, "Atlantis" /
"Stargate : Atlantis
Agreed (I hear the pitter patter of patent law attorneys entering the field :errrr:)
oh and then there's the production company Alliance Atlantis. I just remembered them because one on our board of directors is part of that company. At the con they talked about the importaince of what they called "name checks" for character names, seems the legal department didn't catch all the implications of using "Atlantis" as a title. This year especially. Maybe it wouldn't matter so much by the year the series is ready...
I guessed they managed to miss six months of Disney advertisements on all 9 million digital cable channels . . . ;)
Originally posted by Texane
I guessed they managed to miss six months of Disney advertisements on all 9 million digital cable channels . . . ;)
not to mention all the toys, posters and Happy Meals. They also don't have children? Mired in an ivory production tower?

I got a bit of a scare yesterday when I zipped through WalMart and saw that Monsters, Inc. already has toys on the shelves. IIRC from my past, I've never seen that happen so much in advance before.
Yes but I guess "Stargate : Atlantis" would be ok ... that's kind of distnictive enough don't you all think ?
The legend of Atlantis has been around since sailors took to the sea. I think "Stargate: Atlantis" has a nice ring to it.
I wouldn't want it turning into some kind of SeaQuest DSV type of show though - that would be wierd - most of the worlds visited have been above the water.

You can see where it's going though - they'd find another underwater planet with new addresses except these are all destinations to other underwater planets.

I hope they stick with the land based formula though.
Interview with the Executive producer

In a magazine interview Robert C. Cooper, he is quoted as saying.

"There has always been the intention to springboard the series into a movie and a spinoff series, we feel stargate has enormous ppotential to continue as a franchise in all mediums. We certainly have a plan and story ideas for an SG1 Movie. If there wasnt a season six, we were hoping to do one this year. But now that season six has been picked up, we're going to continue with SG1 and hopefully at the end of season six we'll wrap that up with an SG1-Movie. Then if all the economics fall into place, we'll have that open up a whole new world that will become a new stargate spin off series"

The magazine then went onto to say that UNderstandably cooper cant discuss what the premise of the spin-off series might be except to say that.

"The movie idea we have will change the stargate univers considerably, open it up and create the potential for a whole new series"

The movie series would continue into current sequals, with the original cast, while an all new cast will spearhead an all new stargate TV show.

"One of the things we dont want to do is just have another Stargate, we dont want it to be is SG2. We would want the series to be very different from this one. After six seasons of SG-1, fans would expect something fresh and new. And thats what we have in mind..."

Theres one tantalizing hint though, however providing much food for thought. Cooper says that the new series "evolves the Stargate. Thats all I can say"

This was taken from the UK edition Dream Watch, hope it helps

hmm. i'd definately buy it!!

depends on what the actors were like...

but i'm really interested in the atlantis mystery, i got a load of books from the library on it; and i bought this really good one on the "atlantis blue print" -- linked to the sphinx
So from what I gather from that interview, SG will have a series with the new cast & movie sequals with SG-1...mirroring the road Highlander took. Very good move, as it cators to fans of both SG series.

A Nave angle would be cool...branching off from the Air Force would help differentiate this series from SG-1. No, something Sea Quest-ish would not be good. This new SG series needs to be something completly unique unto itself.

"evolves the Stargate. Thats all I can say"

Oh man...I can't wait to see this!
In "Shades of Grey", O'Neill talks of plans for a second SG base, which would be offworld, maybe like a betasite - that might be a pretty cool setting for a spinoff. There would need to be an angle tho...I'll work on it...


The Gate

The comment that intrested me most out of that interview was that he said the new series would "Evolve" the gate.

I just wonder what he means by that and what is planned.
"evolves the Stargate. Thats all I can say"

Maybe it's just a way to get the fans to come up with the ideas - they pick the best ones and get a pat on the back :D

I suppose we don't physically have to use our stargate any more, we could engineer our own (based on technology gained throughout the life of the SGC. The S5 Ep "Ascension" should be quite key in this).

This could mean the gate evolves into more than just a people gateway but could be turned into a spaceship portal. Create a Spaceship Gate on Earth, gate to another world and create a Spaceship Gate there and there you have it - the start of a space spin off.

Another angle could be time travel - it has been done with the gate before - better tweaking could ensure that time travel dates and times are exact. Perhaps they travel back to the times of Atlantis through the Earth's gate and find references to the Ancients which leads a team down a different path of technology far more advanced than the Stargate.

Any more ideas ?

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