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Dec 30, 2000
Hey, Adrian Paul is going to be in a new series called Tracker. That begins the week of October 15 as a syndicalized series.
Check out the website at .

Krystal :D
hmm, replace the aliens with Replicants and it sounds a lot like Blade Runner...

I'll give it a watch if/when it comes to the UK..
thanx for posting this ---

now all the Adrian Paul fans -- and others interested -- can get ready for the new show --

i will make one reminder -- that some premieres may be bumped back a week in light of recent events --- however - the premiere of this show probably will not be affected ----

I don't know if the series will be any good, but I love Adrian Paul, so I'll be watching. It sounds like that series, can't remember the name, where the ex-cop gets to get out of hell to chase down a bunch of hell escapees. :circle: :rotate:
Yes Highlander II, that is a probability. Maybe not because is in October but that depends of what develop from the tragic events. I'm looking to see is some of my cable channels will present it. Hope so! Good comparisons Markpud and BONNIESTACKPOLE. I don't remember the name of the series you mention of the cop but I see it and it is very similar. Only that this are aliens and the escapes in the other are escapes from hell. I read in some scifi online magazine the same comparison.:lol:

the name of that show is Brimstone....
its showed occasionally onthe sci fi channel...
Peter something or other was the lead... i never watched the show much, but remember him from Children of the Corn, oh so many many years ago..

I keep checking the website for Tracker, and it keeps changing the dates for when the series will premiere. The latest update has it on at 4:00 AM in my area. Who is going to watch a show at 4:00 in the morning? I'm beginnig to think this series will never happen, or if they do finally show it, it will end up being cancelled really quick since no one will be able to watch it at that time. :evil: :angryfire :angry:
I've seen Tracker has anyone elce seen it? I won't give any spoilers till I find out if anyone's seen it but let me just say its one weird show
Hey Dru, how fortunate you are. I don't find it so I miss it. I think my cable won't have it. It says in a list that I can see it in the WB channel but the one my cable have don't show anything. Did anyone knows is that WB refers to UPN? In what channel do you see it and what timeslot? Also, I like to know your opinion so please let me know in a private message why you found it weird. I'm curious. :lol: Also is someone see it please let me know the channel to see is I can find it.

Krystal :D

Originally posted by BONNIESTACKPOLE
The latest update has it on at 4:00 AM in my area. Who is going to watch a show at 4:00 in the morning?

What channel is that? Is I have it (cross fingers) I could put the vcr to work. But I think like you it will be a short series with hours like that, nobody will see it.


By the way, Krystal, I noticed your picture of Tyr. You must be an Andromeda fan. I love Tyr and Andromeda! :rolly2: :naughty: :wink2:
Yes, I'm also a fan of Tyr and Andromeda. :D So see you around in the Andromeda forum. :lol: Thanks again for the channel, I'm beginning to doubt that any channel of my cable have Tracker.:(

Krystal :cool:

Tracker comes on Sunday at 11 pm on UPN (WWOR) out of New York. Try looking for Tracker on UPN stations.
I've looked all over the tv guide for Tracker. I know it's on at 11 in NY. But for some dumb reason it's on at 4:05 am in Boston. I've only managed to see it once. My vcr isn't recording right. I can only get voice, no picture on it. I won't be able to get another untill after the holdidays are over. By than the show may be cancelled in my area for lack of an audiance.
Don't worry Bonnie your not missing much. The show has to many takes from Highlander and its not working for this show.
Re: Tracker

Originally posted by DarkCity545
Tracker comes on Sunday at 11 pm on UPN (WWOR) out of New York. Try looking for Tracker on UPN stations.

That is the problem for me, everytime a program is in UPN I can't see it. :( Here the cable have supposedly an UPN 11 or something like that but it have old programs. So, it is no Tracker for me. :eek:

Krystal :rolleyes:

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