2.10: Second Chance


Sothoii war maid
Feb 18, 2001
"Second Chance"

"A Chilean druglords enemies kidnap his daughter while she is in Ellison and Sandburg's protective care"

It was nice to see Maya again. I thought that was a nice bit of continuity.

Really liked Uncle Gustav! The way he improvised at the prison was really good and also the way he got away from the FBI.

Really good episode.
Don't they know though - NEVER go to a safehouse of anyone on TV - the baddies will ALWAYS find it! :D

And boy is Maya guillible - she thought that Gustavo's nephew (step son?) was gonna give the money to charity or to a worthy cause? Oh please - he was just wanting all the cash for himself - he was probably gonna off Maya 1st chance he got - he just needed her to get to the money ---

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