Spike and the slayers


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Dec 28, 2000
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I liked the episode show last week in the UK, where we delve into Spike's past and see how he defeated the 2 slayers...

Punk 1970's Spike was excellent :D
I've written in more detail about this episode in the "Spike" section under the "Characters" part of this forum....

Hi BuffyMadMark, I thought it was a good episode showing how Spike changed over the years. He did look funny as a Punk but can't quite get over how strange he looked before becoming a Vampire. Annette.
name spike

Wasn't it something to do with the poems or did I miss a bit? Not sure. HELP!!!!!! Annette.
wasn't it something to do with him killing people with railway spike's?
the name william the bloody, was to do with his poems
i think...peachy
yeah, that guy read out his poem, and christened him "William the Bloody - awful poet" then said "I'd rather have a railway spike thru my heart than listen to any more of this" IIRC...
So William took that literally (well they haven't shown that, but it has been implied elseehere that he got the name for that reason)
Thats what I thought. The crack about the railway spike. Annette
that's my boy, how can he be ruthless, yet have his sweet moments as well, maybe thats all down buffy, you might have a little bit of competition there markpud...peachy
nah, Buffy wouldn't like to "see" a vamp anyway, shes the slayer after all...

Oh, hang on a sec, just remembered about her ex......

D'oh :( :(

Still I can always stake the lil neutered puppy..... :D
i think spikey might be thinking the same thing, maybe you'll just have to fight for her "fangs at dusk" sort of thing (haha)...peachy
yeah but since he can't harm me, i'd kick his "miktah"

Or are saying that I'm evil and he can attack me :( {sobs}
no.no, no, your not evil, i just like messing with your brain, now i sound evil (haha) you just carry on dreaming about (your) buffy, hope thats made you feel
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