Oct 8, 2000
I suspect each of you posseses some interestin' facts and behind-the-scenes info about Stargate SG1. Could we maybe use this thread to share them? I'm sure I'm not the only one who likes that kind of thing.
thanks all
NB Please make sure you use a scroll-down space for spoilers, where appropriate, cheers

I'll try and get the ball rolling

1. In Urgo, Dom Delouise (Urgo) was unstoppable. I read they recorded SO much stuff for that epi that half of it ended up on the cutting room floor coz he just kept everyone laughing long after they'd said "cut".

2. In "The Enemy Within" Jay Acovone (Kawalski) really did slam Sams' head into the wall of the lift/elevator. Amanda Tapping received a concussion.

Can't guarantee the validity of this stuff, it's just bits I've read here and there.
Well, mine is probably common knowlegde, but in the episode where Jack and Teal'c are boxing (I cannot recall which episode), CJ really does punch RDA. Jack's line "Is my nose bleeding?" is adlibbed.
i can sorta confirm leelu's statements. dom deluise was a total cut up...and that's why cj didn't have many scenes with him cuase he couldn't keep from cracking up

at did get a concussion from her elevator scene, though she's blamed herself for being a little too enthusiastic about falling back to the wall. i also read there was a situation somewhere in season 1 where she got a little too close to some stunt explosives(which are real just a little more controlled than the real ones) which has prompted the show's porducers to limit how many of her real stunts she can do. it would really suck if sam had to be written out for a while cause the actress got hurt( then again it'd suck for at too)

i've heard that cj is just the opposite of teal'c, very warm and fuzzy...
that at grew her hair out cause she wanted sam to look more girlish, then cut it really short cause some fans were critcizing the new do.
danny's appendicitis in nemesis was real, the actor spent time in the hospital which meant some scenes were given to other people during a literal last minute re-write. the rumors i've heard is that jack was going to ask danny to go fishing and that is was supposed to be danny & teal'c in the airlock.
When filming the episode 'Foothold' when Teryl was doin the evil doctor thing, they told her to cool it down a bit because she was goin a bit too evil :)
Wow, guys! How'd ya get hold of all that info? All I heard was that in 'Secrets' 'Sha're' really was pregnant (with MS child)! :)
My fave is that RDA's Dog played Oscar in Chain Reaction! (can't tell I love dogs can ya! And that people take their babies to the set which is kid and dog friendly!)
Thanks guys. I knew you wouldn't let me down.
More snippets please
Originally posted by skydiver

danny's appendicitis in nemesis was real, the actor spent time in the hospital which meant some scenes were given to other people during a literal last minute re-write. the rumors i've heard is that jack was going to ask danny to go fishing and that is was supposed to be danny & teal'c in the airlock.

From what I understood the spacesuit scene was supposed to be a Jack and Daniel scene, not a Daniel/Teal'c. Jack in the spacesuit and Daniel inside the ship.
you're probably right. i just remember reading danny was supposed to be in it and then assuming they would use the same 'jaffa are more immune to radiation' than humans excuse make it danny/teal'c

anyone know why(other than he must like doing it) peter deluise cameos himself a lot?

i personally love it, looking for him is a blast.
I guess he's doing that as a signature... To sign all the episodes he made. Kinda like Hitchcock.
I did not know that Peter Deluiose did cameos in his episodes. What does he look like? Can you name a scene that I would recognize him being in? That would be cool to know and to be able to spot him. Sort of like 'Where's Waldo'.
In Demon he shouted "Here comes the demon" and in Urgo he was the younger apealing Urgo. His father is Dom and they look like father and son ... there is a resemblance.



:confused: jsc - what do you mean? Is PDL Urgo, as in the main character inside their heads?



And who is Dom? His actual father or something to do with Urgo, or what?
Cool, I didn't know Peter and Dom Delouise were father and son. Never made that connection.
I think JSC may be referring to the bit in URGO where Urgo changes himself into a much younger man in an air force uniform and gives them all a big cheesy game-show-host grin. (is that right J?).
I've heard the name Peter Delouise mentioned in relation to the show but I don't know what he does. Is he a writer, Director?
Dom Deluise is Peter's dad.

Peter played in 21 Jumpstreet. I think his name was Doug or something ( it's a long time since I last watched 21 Jump street). He also played Dagwood in Seaquest DSV.

Spoiler for Urgo...




when Urgo tries to donvince Sam not to 'shut him down', he turns into a younger looking brightly smiling Airforce officer
OK, please tell me more about that scene, 'cos the two times I've watched it on Sky, i don't remember seeing that scene! Altho I last saw it about a year ago...I thought that he just got reeeely small and squeaky, but was still in the original costume.
it's been a while...they're in sam's lab,; urgo is trying to distract her...jack danny and teal'c walk in. sam says she thinks she's on to something, urgo says no, sam says yes cuase why else would he be bugging her so much.
he makes her spill hot tea on her hand, he starts to prmise to be good, he'll be boring 'want to watch golg? how about a white bread and mayonaise sandwich?' then he makes himself small, then smaller, then he pops up bigger as peter in the af uniform. then he cajoals some more...they push the switch, he does his 'i'm melting...what a world, what a world...' bit and he vanishes.

peter is also in the other side at the very beginning as jack walks into the base peter is the officer yelling in the hall. in window of opp he's one of the men that knocks danny down in the hall

peter was a director but now he's creative consultant on every eps and directs a few. i think he directed prodigy
Dom DeLuise is the man who played Urgo. His son was the quick flash to Younger and Handsomer Urgo! Dom has several sons and they all seem to get into production of some sort!

Thanks Mishkaz and Chupivore!
Peter's kid brother ( Michael?) also in Seaquest at the same time as his older brother. He played a character named something like Tony Piccolo. It must feel weird working with daddy or with a brother.

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