3.08: Demons


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Sep 7, 2000

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Ah that dude made me so mad. THe one with the lightning finger. Did he get on anyone else's nerves? I give it a 6 out of 10.
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That's how it was back in the 'Dark Ages'. It wasn't until the Crusades that things began to turn around for people and that type of thinking started to decline somewhat.

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and the reclaimation of the HOLYLAND from the infidels.....This is when the saying "KILL THEM ALL AND LET GOD SORT THEM OUT" came about,but is actully a misquote.

I taped this one......
Thought it was good.....
I reckon Jack should carry that ring around with him.
I saw a mistake in this one at the end when Carter is dialling home she presses the DHD nine times (you only hear it) but she is only meant to press it 8.... anyone else pick it up?
Don't you just love De Luise screaming :'The Demons are coming! The Demons are coming!' I think that's hilarious...
I watch for him whenever I find out an episode is being directed by him. When I was watching Show and Tell, I knew that the guy behind that shield, was familiar but I couldn't place him. After a couple of repeated watchings, it finally dawned on me. <G> It's gotten to be a game to see who can spot him first around here.

Interesting I have seen his name appear in the credits a few times i didn't really know that he IN an ep
He's pulled a Hitchcock in almost every episode he's directed. Try and spot him in any eps he's already done and the ones he's doing now. He'll be there somewhere.

this ep was on syndication last night. now is it just me or was jack looking pretty darn tasty sitting there in the cage with that piece of straw in his mouth? yowza!
i never knew that, il keep an eye out for him from now on.
And in case you have a good memory for faces, it would appear that Simon is genetically identical to Simon of the Byrsa from S1's Cor-Ai...
Yeah, I noticed that too. Te Goa'uld r obviously experimenting with cloning... :D
Given all the really advanced stuff they can do, it is amazing we have not seen Goa'uld doing that - perfect supply of hosts.
Actually, I heard that there was supposed to be an ep bout that in S4, which got moved back to S5, which has been moved back. Again.

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