2.06: Thor's Chariot


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Sep 7, 2000

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I did like this one. Introduced us more to Thor. Showed us that Aliens don't have to look human to be nice. I give it a 10 out of 10.
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You know I wondered why they decided to use the Roswell Grey's as their basis for the Asgard. With all the speculation about UFOs and abductions, I'd have thought they would have chosen something a little less controversial. By that I mean, that all these abduction people describe the Roswell Greys as experimenting on them and causing all sorts of physical and mental anguish. It really isn't the image that SG1 is portraying them as. <G>
But it was a good episode in that it showed that the SGC is willing to take responsibility for their actions and do something about it even if it means sacrificing themselves.


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However in choosing them, they've automatically made them untrustworthy in the minds of some people. Which of course might be what they intended. <G>

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When I saw them and noticed their likeness to the Roswell Greys, All I thought was they looked like Greys...but never thought more...just went with the Shows portrayal. Just coincided in my mind even if the show intended otherwise. (maybe just an inside joke or something)
I thought it was very clever portraying the Asgard the way they did. What it did for me is made me belive that "Yes we have been visited by aliens" making the whole Stargate storyline even more beliveable and real.
I also loved the expression of fear on the faces of the Goa'uld when they saw the Asgard mothership arrive...it gives hope to everyone that there is such a powerful and feared race out there that hates the Goa'uld us much as us....my fav part of the show was when Sam was saying that Thor was just a hologram when he answered that she was mistaken and was indeed real and talking to them from his ship.....I give the episode 9 out of 10.....

i think they chose the greys because most people know them as the real aliens. However Some Asgard are like thor good and noble. According to the myths they were evil asgard like Hela and Loki. It would be safe to say that Hela and Loki are the exerimentors.

Myself, I thought it was pretty funny that they chose the greys. Almost like, since the goa'uld chose an existing "myth" (e.g. the egyptian gods) so did the Asgard.

One thing which always bugged me about this episode, and this really is a nitpick, but when the goa'uld capture SG-1 and are marching them back to the mothership, it bugs me that they weren't tied up, cuffed, or restrained in any way. Dunno, but this always rankes.
I think their not tying up SG1 just shows the Goauld arrogance. Why tie them up, they know there is no way they are going to escape, after all the people they where protecting would then be annihilated.
At the end of the day, SG-1 have voluntarily handed themselves up, to avoid the killing of innocent Cimmerians. They are hardly going to jeopardise that by a petty escape on the planet.

And I can't wait to see some "bad" Asgard. :cool:
Thor's Chariot

I just watched Thor's Chariot again (on Sky 1). I noticed that as the gate was dialing up, Daniel and the MALP (never did know what that stands for ...) were standing on the ramp. Obviously neither were obliterated when the gate formed .... why not?

Just wondering.

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In answer to your questiojn, this is queried AT LENGTH in one of the threads in the folder "Technical"
The G'ould had SG-1 outnumber. Their were about 20 of them around with Laser staffs that would be a major cause of arrogance.


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