Favorite Episode from Season 1

Missed 'Thors Hammer'. Sorry, jsc, didn't mean to force my views upon you. I'm a bit weird with that kind of thing.
Children of the Gods is one of those episodes that you can watch a million times and each time learn somehing new that you didn't pick up before.
It's a classic. I never get tired of watching it.

You did not force your views, sweetie, you expressed yourself. If we can't disagree here and laugh about it, where can we! Please feel free to disagree and laugh!

With so many of us liking different show, I think the season was a hit!... at least with us!
Originally posted by ShelbyS
Children of the Gods is one of those episodes that you can watch a million times and each time learn somehing new that you didn't pick up before.
It's a classic. I never get tired of watching it.

I agree.. excellant episode

I love TBFTGOG for really showing what the dark side could be like, if the worst happened and the goa'uld really attacked. It served as a warning that things could turn very serious. Too often in shows like this the threat of the enemy is never really threatening.....you just *know* that the 'heroes' will win out... this one served as a bit of a warning: "not necessarily". And even thou I'm an anti-shipper, I really did love SOlitudes. I thought it was wonderful in the way that Sam and Jack went through the 5 stages of grief - anger, denial, bargaining, depression and acceptance, as they were waiting to die. It made me believe that they believed they were going to die, which made it a very powerful episode.
You know this is what I hate about what is your favorite episodes... Even the worst have something very good about them and Soiltudes in my opnion was one of the better episodes!... but those Serpent's gent me.... most of the time!
jsc, you're so nice to me.....oh dear.....thank you.....
I only brought it up becasue I re-read what I put and thought I'd been a bit bad about putting my view like that......
Just the truth.. we all get to express and understand that or this wouldn't be a fora we like to post in!:cool:
I sort of liked Within the Serpents Grasp, O'Neill is hilarious trying to send a nuke every which way, and Carter's "I also wish to blow us all to hell"

Just loved it.
just got the dvds from season 1 and am watching them now
but my dvd player is now on the fritz so i didn't get to rewatch them all yet:(

so hard to decide which one is my fav.
how about you all???:rolly2:
I am basically a lover of all of the Series with the Name "Serpent's" in them.. but I have a quilty pleasure....Hathor!
Girls in Prison and Rambo Janet!
i can't decide which i like best.
cotg is a classic
emancipation is great--i love shows with strong female characters that kick butt
so of course i loved hathor
but singularity and solitudes were great
and tbftgog was excellent
and don't forget tot, and....
they were all good. the only one i wasn't that nuts about was cold lazurus i didn't like that whole charlie thing i have kids and don't like to think about stuff like that.
otherwise it was a good epi though
Difficult choice!

I've only seen season 1 (thank heaven for DVDs!), and have been trying not to read too many spoilers for later seasons before I actually get my hands on the episodes...

I'm probably not going to find much agreement here, but I'll stand by my opinion that Fire and Water had significant concept potential. Granted, it could (and probably should) have been better developed and implemented than it was.

The series seems to be making some subtle but important points with some of its concepts, the most significant of which I think was in There But For The Grace Of God. The sentimental "practice random acts of kindness" bumber sticker motto may seem trite, but the whole alternate reality concept in this episode seemed to illustrate that little bits and pieces of compassion, understanding, patience and communication can have a real impact. Past hurts, miscommunications and misconceptions can snowball quickly into a real mess! And the presence of each individual finding their balanced niche in life can make a real difference, not just to them but to the people around them and society as a whole.

A few of the season 1 episodes seemed particularly well done to me, both in concept and implementation. Children of the Gods, Torment of Tantalus and In The Serpent's Grasp stand out, but I've watched the whole boxed set (and the special edition movie) multiple times now.

The costuming in the pilot was awesome, but I'm really partial to both Minoan architecture and studies of neolithic paleontology, so I loved the sets and references in Broca Divide.

Lots of particular *scenes* stand out from the first season, but deciding on favorite episodes is pretty difficult!
-- Adele
Since I'm new to this I'm bringing up old threads and posting my reply.
I think for me in Season One Children of the gods has always got to me my fave as it really is a classic. Its the first time you see all the new faces and as other people have said there is just so much to this episode you can keep rewatching it and it never gets old.
Other fave would have to be TBFTGOF, I love seeing what this other side might be like;)
Has to be The Nox, which I am disappointed that we haven't got see in the last few years.

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