Ghosts or glimpses into the past?


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Jun 18, 2006
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I remember a balmy summer evening 25ish years ago,as a young lad of 11 or so...
Living, as I did, in the Orkney Islands, it never really gets dark at this time of year.
I can still remember, clear as a bell, a small group of friends sitting at the "swings" at around 10.30pm.
It was the summer holidays.
I think there was six or seven of us chatting and larking around, when suddenly we spotted a figure at the other end of the playing field...It was a dark robed person, not unlike a monk. It passed along a path heading up the hill to "Brinkies Brae"
We all were amazed when the figure passed behind the changing rooms shed and NEVER APPEARED AT THE OTHER SIDE!!

We investigated this and there is NO WAY anyone could have slipped past without us seeing them...

It was really quite spooky...but it launched our Black Ghost Club and we built a lookout and Gang hut on top of the hill...ahhh the good old days eh?

Anyone seen ghosties? Ghoulies or any other bizzare creatures??
My cat used to converse with a man in one of our old apartments (staring at this one spot in the hallway, about six feet up in the air)...I saw something insubstantial that gave me the impression of a tall and elderly black man holding his hat in his hands. Could have been just my imagination, no way to tell.
As a child one of my most lasting memories are of my mums sister, she was always their if any one was ill etc.She died when I was 13.When I gave birth to my son 9 year later, she was there.All in mind maybe but I like to think she came to see her great nephew.
Ghosts, spirits, glimpses of the past are something I've lived with all my life. As a child I would talk to and play with other children, animals and adults and I never thought no one else could see them. I was a pretty reclusive child and only found this out when I went to school and got laughed at by the other kids.

Have gotten used to it over the years and having cats has helped since they see the same things as well and I've come home several times to see the cats either talking or playing with visitors. Am also very grateful for the fact that I'm not the only one in my family who is like this. My mother is too.

My apartment in Brunei Darussalam was haunted by children. Theywould run along the corridors and come into the apartment and play with my cat and things left lying on tables, as well as the taps and the flush on the toilet and the doorbell. I remember one time standing outside my apartment while they rang the doorbell and telling them to at least let me get inside first.

The house I lived in while married was also 'haunted' but in this case it was definitely glimpses of the past. The house was a Buddhist monastery for about 30 years. I'd be woken up every morning by monks chanting and the first morning was totally stunned to come downstairs and dscover the placed filled with neat rows of monks. Went rushing right back up to put more clothes on before I realised they were really not there. My ex-husband and father never ever saw or heard anything though my mother always did. Right until I moved out, I'd find myself picking my way through the ranks of monks much to the astonishment of anyone who happened to be there.

And there's a presence that's always lived with me and I know that this is a cliche but it's under my bed. It's been there for as long as I can remember and I never choose beds with no space underneath. I see it sometimes by the side of the bed. I say it simply because it's a shadowy figure with no discernible gender. I feel it pretty often usually when I've flung an arm or foot off the edge of the bed and it's very carefully tucked under the sheets again.
I have never seen anything, but my family and I have regularly heard noises at my Mom's house. We have heard footsteps, doors opening and closing and someone whistling. Also my Mom has had several pieces of jewelry go missing, only to turn up weeks or months later in odd places. Several different pets we have had also seemed to notice that something was going on. Strangely, none of us have ever felt afraid. My Mom lives there alone now and is not at all fearful.

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