roger zelazny

  1. Simbelmynë

    I have never read Zelazny or Delany - recommendations?

    It's criminal, I know. I'm not sure if it's because their names rhyme but they keep niggling at me with equal urgency like two glaring spaces on my bookcase. If I were to read either author what books should I start with? I'm only really aware of Lord of Light and Babel-17.
  2. C

    Just finished another re-read of the fun novel Roadmarks

    One of my favorites from RZ. It has his typical humor in it which I love. For those who have not read it you must give it a go. Roger even throws in a sly tribute to the pulp magazine hero Doc savage in the story.
  3. J

    Lord of Light Movie

    Did anybody ever try to make Lord of Light into a movie. or does anyone know of plans to do so now. It's one of those things I've been waiting for YEARS now but despair I will ever see and there have been so many much lesser works that have succeeded quite well
  4. ckovacs

    Eye of Cat essay

    An essay of mine about Eye of Cat has been published in the May 2015 issue of The New York Review of Science Fiction. It's now available to read on-line for free at this link:
  5. K. Riehl

    Will we ever see the Amber series on the bigscreen?

    This is the question I have seen pop up around the interwebs and I have no idea if it is likely to happen. I think the technology is there but I have no idea about the availability of the rights. Does anyone know who currently owns the rights? Do we think there is enough interest to get it...
  6. Anthony G Williams

    Review of short stories

    Roger Zelazny is most famous for the highly entertaining Princes in Amber fantasy series, but he published a wide range of other novels and shorter stories in a writing career that began while he was still at school in the 1950s and continued up to his death in 1995. A Rose for Ecclesiastes is...
  7. A

    Which Zelazny book to read first?

    I have never read Zelazny before but I'm interested in checking out his books. I'm thinking Lord of Light will be a good read. Any others?
  8. ckovacs

    Essay of Lord of Light, CIA, FBI, and Ben Affleck's ARGO movie

    I have a new essay in the May 2013 issue of The New York Review of Science Fiction. It's titled "The reality and mythology enveloping Zelazny’s Lord of Light, the FBI, the CIA, and Ben Affleck’s Argo." In that essay I discuss and debunk a number of myths about Zelazny, the novel, the movie, the...
  9. the Jester

    The Chronicles of Amber

    Anyone else an Amber fan? I haven't read any of the post-Zelazny stuff- I'm really generally not interested when one author invades another author's playground after he's dead- but I love the first series and think the second cycle had a lot of potential. The Amber Chronicles also have one of...
  10. ckovacs

    Zelazny rankings on Locus All-Time Poll for Best Short Fiction

    Zelazny did really well in the 20th century novella and novelette categories: Novellas: #24 – 24 Views of Mt. Fuhi, by Hokusai #30 – He Who Shapes #47 – Home Is the Hangman Novelettes: #3 – A Rose for Ecclesiastes #25 – The Doors of His Face, the Lamps of His Mouth #31 – For a Breath...
  11. ckovacs

    Zelazny rankings on new All-Time Locus Poll for best novels

    Locus magazine recently did a web-based survey in which votes were cast for all-time best novels in four categories: 20th century sf, 20th century fantasy, 21st century sf, and 21st century fantasy. Complete results are here: Several...
  12. ckovacs

    New Zelazny Tribute Anthology

    Trent Zelazny and Warren Lapine are soliciting funds on Indiegogo (sort of like Kickstarter) to support the development of a new anthology of stories written in honor of Roger Zelazny. The stories can use settings and characters from Zelazny's own work (except Amber). It's worth checking out at...
  13. ckovacs

    2 different sets of unabridged Amber audiobooks have been released! has been releasing Zelazny's unabridged readings of the first nine Amber books on CD and mp3. They're up to Trumps of Doom (released earlier this month) and they're supposed to have a seventh release in August. For some reason they seem to have delayed Blood of Amber to...
  14. ckovacs

    NYRSF essay on allusions and influences in The Chronicles of Amber

    The July 2012 issue of The New York Review of Science Fiction contains my essay "Suspended in Literature: Patterns and Allusions in The Chronicles of Amber." This essay focuses on the first five books (Corwin's tale) and explains some of the allusions and influences I've identified during my...
  15. VideoChrist

    Zelazny's novels

    Many of Roger Zelazny's novels are out of print. The Amber books are in print in an oversized, omnibus paperback volume marred by typos. The eos/HarperCollins paperback edition of Lord of Light has a glaring typo on page 1, fer chrissake. I think it'd be great if NESFA Press put out a...
  16. VideoChrist

    Wilderness (by Zelazny and Gerald Hausman)

    This beautiful, tough novel has recently been reissued in paperback (e-book too). It's a powerful read.
  17. Heck Tate

    70s Amber Vibe Here's an NPR article on the prevalent 70s vibe throughout the Amber series. I wasn't around during the 70s but I didn't really get this vibe from Amber anyway, or at least not as much as from...
  18. Heck Tate

    Zelazny Audio

    I recently picked up a set of The Chronicles of Amber audiobooks as read by Roger Zelazny (except for the final book, it seems Zelazny died before they could complete the recording :(), and naturally I devoured them. I was wondering if there are any other such audiobooks of Zelazny reading his...
  19. ckovacs

    Locus article on Zelazny

    There's a thoughtful article about Zelazny's writings in the December issue of Locus; the article has been posted on-line at this link:
  20. Coragem

    Roger Zelazny (giving him a go)

    Hi there: I've been reading some very positive things about Roger Zelazny, not least here at SFF Chronicles: And elsewhere, too: I think I'm going to go ahead and buy The...