ben bova

  1. Danny McG

    Ben Bova (1932-2020)

    There's hints buzzing around Facebook tonight (I think originally coming from a Twitter thread) that Ben Bova has succumbed to Coronavirus and passed on. Does anyone have any updates on this?
  2. Rodders

    Earth by Ben Bova

    I saw this for pre order on the Forbidden Planet website and thought it looked interesting. "A wave of lethal gamma radiation is expanding from the core of the Milky Way galaxy at the speed of light, killing everything in its path. The countdown to when the death wave will reach Earth and the...
  3. J-Sun

    Ben Bova

    I read The Exiles Trilogy and Orion and maybe some other stuff when I was younger but lost track of him for a long time. Can't even remember what triggered it but I picked up a book or two of him not long ago and before I could even read them I went to a library book sale and there was a stack...
  4. EricWard

    Peacekeepers by Ben Bova (1988)

    In the near-future, a massive nuclear conflict has necessitated the formation of an International Peacekeeping Force (The IPF or Peacekeepers). The book is not about them, however, but a group of mercenaries that do the IPF's dirty work. The story was certainly well-written, but I had a lot of...
  5. AE35Unit

    Ben Bova's Titan

    I just saw this book in the library and it sounds interesting but I'm in the middle of reading so may get it out when I've finished the current book. I've never read any Bova but it sounds my kind of thing.kind of Clarke/Baxter/Benford territory. Anyone read it or his other books in the same...
  6. A

    Ben Bova books...

    Ive just finished reading TITAN, a 2006 book by Ben Bova, part of his "grand tour" series... I liked quite a lot the book. Hard sci-fi, but it opens his "grand tour" series (which deals with the colonization of the solar system) to something bigger... intelligent life elsewhere in the galaxy...
  7. Anthony G Williams

    Orion by Ben Bova

    I haven't read much by this author, but have previously thought of him as concentrating on hard SF. I was therefore surprised by the fact that Orion (in my opinion, at any rate, despite later plot twists) falls into the fantasy camp. The story begins in the present day and is told in the first...
  8. Brian G Turner

    Ben Bova - Mars

    Original review by Asteroid: It took a couple of goes to get into, but once you get past the slow beginning it's just a completely compelling read. I can't remember the last time I had so much trouble putting a book down. And once you've read this one you won;t ever have to read another Mars...
  9. WhiteWolf

    Bova's Grand Tour

    I did a search to see what interest there was in this, but found only two threads. The interest was there, but not focused, so even though I'm pretty new here, I thought I would start a thread of my own for it. Ben Bova has attempted to do something very ambitious, to write a novel or series...
  10. H

    Mercury-Ben Bova

    Mercury Ben Bova Tor, May 2005, $24.95, 320 pp. ISBN: 0765304120 Industrialist Saito Yamagata died from cancer, but his body was frozen, eventually nanotechnology provided a remedy, and cured him; he has a second chance at life and plans to live it to the fullest. He plans to provide...
  11. Nilentropy

    Ben Bova

    His writing isn't Grand Master level but I enjoy his stories. The Asteriod Wars trilogy was pretty bad, it seemed like he kinda phoned it in. I've heard other people say they didn't like Saturn, but I did. I got into him because of the Exiles Trilogy, which was good juvie sci-fi.
  12. S

    Ben Bova

    If you are familiar with Bova, what do you like/dislike about his writing, subject matter ect?
  13. Ivo

    Ben Bova

    Anybody read anything by this author? I just finished Venus by him and enjoyed it. This book is one in a series he is doing on various planets in our solar system. I just started Jupiter and it seems he is following a standard formula for this series of books; central character with issues...
  14. D

    Ben Bova: The Exiles Trilogy

    Do people remember it? It is about a group of sciencists who are exiled from earth after a great scientific discovery. Rather then live their live in an orbital station, they set out to travel to the nearest star system. The first book was my favorite as is layed out so much. The second book...
  15. R

    Bova, Ben: Mars

    The first manned mission to Mars was always going to be difficult. Hostile conditions, bickering and self doubt amongst the mission team and the also rans. Then there is all the politics at home. All this has to be faced by Jamie Madison, half-breed Navaho indian and expeditions last minute...