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Mar 18, 2008
Ive just finished reading TITAN, a 2006 book by Ben Bova, part of his "grand tour" series... I liked quite a lot the book. Hard sci-fi, but it opens his "grand tour" series (which deals with the colonization of the solar system) to something bigger... intelligent life elsewhere in the galaxy.

It was quite a lot of time that I had read Ben Bova... I quite like the author, and I noticed that only now, after seeing his bibliography and noticing Ive read quite a lot of his books already: all the Orion Series (5 books) and also the Voyagers series (3 books)

So I was wondering if anybody else here have read Ben Bova, your thoughts on his books and suggestion of other books I should read from him.


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Dec 13, 2006
As On a Darkling Plain - if you can get ahold of this gem, do. It's three novellas that have been "mashed up", but it's an oustanding book and one of my favorites by him.

Mars / Return to Mars - both have excellent characters and a believable plot.

Jupiter -takes an idea from As On A Darkling Plain and expands upon it. Highly enjoyable. I plan on rereading it soon.

Kinsman / Millennium - the adventures of Chet Kinsman, astronaut and eventual Lunar settler. Kinsman is another mash up that is really enjoyable. Millennium is a fun read too, but not quite on par with the former.

Flight of Exiles / Exiled From Earth / End of Exile - I thought the first one was ok, enjoyed the second one, but couldn't get through the third one. I'll probably try again just so I can take trade the book in.

The Winds of Altair - a little juvenile for me even when I was in high school, but it was a fun quick read without a lot of substance.

Star Watchman - forgettable. I have this one is a duology with The Dueling Machine which I also haven't read.

And I'm glad you like Orion. I've only read the first one, but it was my first adult novel ever and is what got me hooked on science fiction about 11 years ago.

The only other Bova I own that I haven't read is Colony. It's on my shortlist of reading for this year too, though.


Mar 17, 2009
I was at a second hand book store the other day and saw a whole shelf dedicated to him. I was going to pick one up but didn't know where to start. I'll look out for some of these suggestions next time I go.


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Jun 29, 2014
The Star Crossed a comic science fiction novel .(y)

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Sep 9, 2011
The Bova I read was The Dueling Machine. It may be one of the earliest books to explore some version of VR/cyberspace. At 12 years old I quite enjoyed it, but I'm not sure it would hold up today.
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