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  • Biskit
    Blog: Biskit's blog. By Biskit at 10:10 PM.
    Thug, aka Drang (aka the Purring Death), still drops by to say hello. It’s nice to see him, stroking is essential because he is a demanding cat. Mostly demanding with cute menaces. The important thing is that he is not, under any circumstances, allowed in the house, on account of his tendency...
  • Biskit
    Blog: Biskit's blog. By Biskit at 1:57 PM.
    I’ve written about the downfall of the alpha male before. It doesn’t matter what the species, when that fight comes, the top beast versus the challenger, there is no first and second place, there is first and last. When the alpha male loses, he falls to the bottom – if he lives. It’s just...
  • BionicGriff
    Blog: BionicGriff's blog. By BionicGriff at 5:40 PM.
    My first reading log will, for simplicity sake, cover the 1st quarter of 2017, since this will allow me to get caught up and continue from here forward on a clean slate. I, Robot by Isaac Asimov - Enjoyed, would recommend. A compilation of short stories, most based on the problem encountered by...
  • BionicGriff
    Blog: BionicGriff's blog. By BionicGriff at 1:47 PM.
    I've decided to start a series of posts logging and reviewing my reading journey. These won't necessarily be full reviews, but rather the books I've read with a couple comments or thoughts I had during the process of reading them or after completion. The primary goal is to have a record of my...
  • Steve Harrison
    Blog: Steve Harrison's blog. By Steve Harrison at 10:15 AM.
    When writing historical fiction, we are under pressure to ‘get it right,’ but how accurate is the history we are using? And what’s the difference between history and historical fiction? Put simply, history is what actually happened in the past and historical fiction uses an historical period,...
  • Mar
    Blog: BionicGriff's blog. By BionicGriff at 5:06 PM.
    Well, my week off from work came and went in a flash. I didn't have nearly as much free time as I hoped, but I should have anticipated that, besides the demands of 1 and 2 year old boys, we had several appointments scheduled throughout the week that ultimately kept me pretty busy. The week...
  • Old_Man_Steve2016
    Good morning, Chronners of the world! Slept well? Had pleasant dreams? Less nightmares the night before? Well that's what happens when you read the Trump budget blueprint... Next month I'll be publishing my new book on Smashwords and Amazon. Called The Cobalt Princess, it is a spin-in/tie-in...
  • Mar
    Andrew Lambert
    Blog: Andrew Lambert's blog. By Andrew Lambert at 9:33 PM.
    900 words more and I reach 70k - the minimum required for a novel, or so I read somewhere. At 35k I never thought there was enough of a story to reach 60k, but now I think I'll end up between 80 and 90k. It's a slow old slog and my finger is getting really sore. Don't worry finger - just...
  • Phyrebrat
    Blog: Phyrebrat's blog. By Phyrebrat at 2:43 PM.
    I’ve done it again. That thing I do when I don’t do what I’m meant to do. Or, rather when I visit the writers’ equivalent of Mount Sinai and play the dogma over in my mind of how writing should be approached. And it’s always my own stupid frailties and fallibility that makes me fall. Having got...
  • Victoria Silverwolf
    Latest things: A story set in a vaguely Hawaiian/polynesian setting, with a utopian culture dealing with the ocean levels rising,. A story of a woman who has visions of blood and what that portends. A story of a man on Io secretly extracting something valuable from that moon.
  • Mar
    Victoria Silverwolf
    I use the Internet Speculative Fiction Database quite a bit. The Internet Speculative Fiction Database I have even managed to edit some entries. When I got a copy of this book from the local library book sale, it wasn't in the database at all. I managed to create this entry for it....
  • Victoria Silverwolf
    So we have leased a warehouse to store the estimated 50,000 books we purchased. Now we have to arrange to have a moving company transport them from Hayesville, North Carolina to Ringgold, Georgia (right over the border from Chattanooga, and the best place we could find for a reasonable price...
  • BionicGriff
    Blog: BionicGriff's blog. By BionicGriff at 12:31 AM.
    I finished the fourth book in the dominion war series, provided some reminiscing to the days when DS9 was on TV. Really got me in the mood for some space battles to. Might have to dig out the Sega genesis and fire up Star Control. Anyone else here have done memories of that game?
  • Mar
    Blog: Phyrebrat's blog. By Phyrebrat at 9:34 PM.
    The content of this entry will possibly make some readers feel uncomfortable - no it’s not to do with sex or politics or religion; these days I have little concept of what those three things are - but it’s to do with depression and my personal experiences with that. Much as I feel there are...
  • David Evil Overlord
    :) So, this just happened on Twitter: Olli Crusoe‏ @OlliCrusoe 1h 1 hour ago I just finished @D_Evil_Overlord's Origin Stories. Aaaah it was so awesome! I want more! David Evil Overlord‏ @D_Evil_Overlord 10m 10 minutes ago Thank you, @OlliCrusoe :) More is coming. The sequel is approximately...