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  • GCJ
    Blog: GCJ's blog. By GCJ at 4:04 PM.
    I've been toying with the idea for months. It's a thought that cruelly pulls and twists at my very base emotions in a way that it most definitely shouldn't. Above all, I think it's a fear of being labelled as arrogant. Who exactly does this GCJ think he is anyway? Stephen King? Stephen...
  • Feb
    Blog: BionicGriff's blog. By BionicGriff at 12:24 PM.
    When I was younger I used to read all the time, I typically would have three different books in progress at once, one for reading at school, one for on the bus, and one for at home. As I got older other interests begin to challenge reading for my free time, video games, work, beer, friends,...
  • Phyrebrat
    Blog: Phyrebrat's blog. By Phyrebrat at 5:57 PM.
    A writer who avoids the romance of water in their writing is really missing out. Apart from the obvious elemental archetypes of Air, Earth, Fire and Water, there is more to it than a mutable media - although I am a little sad that it did not contribute to the outstandingly funky Boogie...
  • Feb


    Blog: Glen's blog. By Glen at 9:19 AM.
    Got to 80K words today. That was my target when I started 16 months ago (I am behind schedule), but I am not yet finished. Still need to write three stages of the final battle (the background), and work out how to bring the characters to where they will land (the story).
  • Feb
    Steve Harrison
    Blog: Steve Harrison's blog. By Steve Harrison at 11:43 AM.
    On a writer’s board recently I read a post asking, what advice would you give your younger self? It’s an interesting question, because my writing path, like, I’m sure, that of many others, would make Frodo’s epic journey in Lord of the Rings look like a stroll to the corner shop. My path is...
  • Feb
    Steve Harrison
    Blog: Steve Harrison's blog. By Steve Harrison at 10:46 PM.
    How old are you? You don’t want to tell me, do you? Why not? Because it’s personal? Have I asked too many questions? Whoops, that was another one. Well, yes, I understand your age is personal, but, like your height – which is just as personal – does it really matter? Of course, you can’t hide...
  • Victoria Silverwolf
    One of our cats came home with one of his feet very badly wounded in some way. I suspect an animal trap of some kind. Long story short, he had to be hospitalized and the foot amputated, and now he is being boarded so he can recover away from the other cats. Before this happened, we purchased...
  • Jan
    Blog: Glen's blog. By Glen at 6:08 AM.
    500 words a day for a month! The eagle-eyed amongst you may wish to cite Tue 17th as a failure but I think that was the result of reverse-engineering where I broke my spreadsheet and had to work backwards to fix. Not very successfully. Anyway, 563 as an average is a win for me. I read Stephen...
  • Jan
    Andrew Lambert
    Blog: Andrew Lambert's blog. By Andrew Lambert at 7:09 PM.
    I decided the other day, to give my little fictional princess a dog. She was given it as a puppy, just before being evacuated from her home world. Three years later on Earth, he is a rather large snow wolf type of mutt, and I'm having great fun blending him into the story. Yesterday, I finished...
  • Biskit
    Blog: Biskit's blog. By Biskit at 10:55 AM.
    The saga of Thug (The Purring Death) is drawing to a close. His real name is the arch-villain Drang, who usually works with his sister, Storm... Really, you couldn’t make this stuff up. Or if you did, no-one would believe it. So the arch-villain is a bit of hyperbole... but Thug is definitely...
  • Cathbad
    Blog: Cathbad's blog. By Cathbad at 7:19 PM.
    My Fantasy World, Cretus, was created in 1980, after an AD&D Campaign went awry, and the World of Greyhawk was effectively "destroyed". I had created a scenario that would require the characters to work together, which had become a problem. They failed. My anger was so intense, I refused to...
  • Steve Harrison
    Blog: Steve Harrison's blog. By Steve Harrison at 6:40 AM.
    Anyone can come up with a story. It really is very easy. Something happens, then something else happens and, finally, something final happens (though not always in that order). That’s it. It’s easy to tell someone that story. “Great story!” they will exclaim. “That’s so funny!” they will laugh....
  • Old_Man_Steve2016
    As I write this, I'm in a guesthouse in the Chinatown style district in Kuching, Malaysia. I'm working on my many writing projects in-between bus trips and meals. Borneo is a great island with a storied history and wildlife. As you walk through some of the jungle parks, you'll think you were on...
  • Phyrebrat
    Blog: Phyrebrat's blog. By Phyrebrat at 8:54 PM.
    I really want to write something. Not on the WIP - that’s going fairly okay at the moment - but something else; short, say six-to-ten thousand. Something about one person that’s evocative of the things we don’t see. I want a Frost at Midnight vibe to it.. But it also has to have the seven year...
  • Andrew Lambert
    Blog: Andrew Lambert's blog. By Andrew Lambert at 3:30 PM.
    Getting a bit complicated...