The Raft & film adaption (from Creepshow 2)

Jan 10, 2006
I first saw the screen adaption of The Raft many years ago as a small boy (in the film creepshow 2), and have watched it several times since then. I recently got hold of an old copy of The Skeleton Crew (a collection of King short stories), so that I could read The Raft.
I found that the screen adaption stayed faithful to King's story right up until the point where Deke gets pulled under, at which point it deviates significantly from King's original story. I suppose they changed the ending because in the book, it becomes odd and quirky and everything that happens seems is told like a projection of Randy's own mind, impossible to transfer effectively to the screen. Anyway, what's the deal with Randy at the end? Had he gone crazy by staring into the oil slick for too long? Or was it a dream? Or was it all a mindf#&$ that the author doesn't want you to understand? I suspect that while King was writing the story and couldn't come up with a decent climax he just threw in some weird s#%t in there to leave the reader in a state of confusion. The ending left me baffled and dissapointed (cause the film has such an awesome ending) where Randy was just left stranded on the raft by himself
And lastly, which version did you like better, the film or the book?


Jun 1, 2004
An ambiguous ending is not a bad thing, y'know? I like both the story and the film, the prose a bit more.

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