Took a long time but I finally....

Rahl Windsong

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Mar 15, 2005
Squamish, BC, Canada
I finally was able to finish the complete series of Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn. I started this series in the late 80's with To Green Angel Tower parts 1 and 2 then this year bought The Dragonbone Chair and The Stone of Farewell so it was mostly backwards.

I have to say if Lord of the Rings had not been written and this story was in its place the world we live in would not have suffered because of that. I think Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn every bit as good as LOTR even if they have similarities and in many ways I liked Tad's story better then Tolkien's LOTR.

GOLLUM said:
Good news....:D

Now it's on to Kearney's Mark Of Ran right....;)

Aye I am half way through it. Kearney is so good at sea had I not worked on a tug boat for several years I am nearly certain I'd be hanging over the taffrail...errr my toilet bowl green with sea sickness! Thanks for the recommendation Gollum this story is really proving its worth! :cool: :D

OH! And Kate Elliott's, The Burning Stone arrived in the mail yesterday so I am all set. :D

Yep you're in for some good reading.

I'm glad you like the Mark Of Ran book and you're right he's excellent at describing scences at sea, which I really like.

Although his earlier 5 book ship series is not easy to locate I've got the complete set here. It's his first series and quite good but nowhere near as polished as the writing in Mark Of Ran . Unsuprisingly it also features high sea adventures but quite a lot of battles on the land so it probably doesn't come as a shock he's friends with Erikson who is the preeminent one when it comes to military fantasy. Erikson rates Kearney among the top 3 writers of modern fantasy.
Yes in the acknowledgements at the front of my copy of The Mark of Ran, Kearney praises Erikson

quote Kearney:
"I would like to acknowledge the encouragement, the patience, the sheer forebearance of several people without whom this book could not have been written. Firstly, Steven Erikson who helped put me on the right track writing-wise again."

But then again you probably already read that, heh

Yep just as Erikson belives Keanrey is one of the top authors of the Genre. Talk about old school boys....;)

Glad you liked Kearney, check out my PM for details on Book 2.