Greg Bear - songs of earth and power


Mar 27, 2005
Greg Bear is one of my Favourite Sci - Fi writers and when i found that he had written a fantisy book i decided to give it a try. I thought it was a rather interesting take on the whole magic and elves thing but I'm not a big Fantisy fan so I'd like to hear some opinions on how it compares to other fantasy books .(If you all have the time that is)
Its also called the infinity Concerto and its sequal the Sepent mage

Ok its basically about a Boy who follows a set of directions at a certen time and ends up in another world made buy the Sidhe(elves) when they lost the war on earth - when he arrives he is trained buy 3 crone sisters(half human and elf) to take on their enemy - the Isomage (the rebel humans leader)

The sequal deals with when this place become unstable and has to be merged with earth.

The thing I found that sets it apart is that magic in it is more mental then physical and if you where to see a magic duel in it it would probally be rather dull. I also found it a rather harsh book where people suffered for their magic rather then benefit from it. espesially when you see the Isomage in the second book or the soulless human children. It has a rather rich background - wich i dont want to give away and filled with historical artist who have been wisked away because art is the key to powerful magic and the Sidhe dont want humans to have access to it.
I read the Infiniry Concerto a while ago but it was a pretty good book. I don't really remember the details so sorry :(
I'd like to try that one cause I have read a few Greg Bear books, and I found him to be a very good writer. I don't mind sci-fi though I do prefer fantasy. Aye its been a very long time since I read any of his books though.


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