The Crown Of Stars, Book 7

Nov 18, 2008
Are you talking about the question over on the Malazan Board about the Daemon (sp?) going after Heribert? If so, I don't have an answer. It's been a while since I read the books and don't remember.

Yes, and no. I have the same question over here. Right in this - Kate Elliott - forum. Probably the topic is below next to this one.

P.S. Small, small world :)


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Sep 21, 2007
I have only now got around to finishing off the crown of stars series, using the free time before I start a new job in May.

Funnily enough, despite this being Kate's most popular series it is actually my least favourite of hers. I prefer both Jaran and the Crossroads trilogy.

As to the reason why, firstly this is another mediavelest fantasy in a genre full of them, where the other series she writes are rather more inventive.

Secondly I find that this series drags on far too much and far too much time is spent in some rather dull places with some rather dull people. As it is 4/5 seems fair to me for the series as a whole. But a tighter series that was at least one book shorter would have been better, perhaps with some minor characters written out and with a faster plot progression.


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