Single-minded Terry Goodkind

ooh i didn't think of that! hope it doesn't turn the cat "objectivist" or anything!
The thing that irks about Terry is what Jenna previously mentioned - He refuses to admit he's a fantasy author, and then continuously bashes the entire genre, as seen in the original post in the interview insert. "They have no plot", etc etc. He makes these claims, and then claims he never reads fantasy. What right does he have to bash something that he DOESN'T READ? How pretentious can you get?

I find his holier then thou attitude to be extremely annoying. He is FAR from the best author out there. I enjoy his books, even through the preachiness, constant recaps, and repetitive events, and I do wish to read until the end, but the man behind the books is simply intolerable. And to think, I was disappointed in not being able to go to his "Gathering" in Los Vegas in January... What a waste of money and time that would have been.
Ok,so I actually LIKE his writing. (If you haven't already noticed.) I would rate Faith of the Fallen as one of the best books I have ever read, and best fantasy book by a huge margin. So who cares if he thinks some people don't get what he feels they should out of it, I sort of admire that he has the honesty to say it in print. Face it, most fantasy stories follow similar themes, what seperates the more enjoyable ones is the author's ability to spin the tale. Terry Goodkind, Stephen King, Robert Jordan, David and Leigh Eddings, Lynn Flewelling, Robin Hobb, George R R Martin, R.A. Salvatore, J.R.R Tolkien. and Terry Brooks all have a place on my bookshelves for that simple reason. Each can fill your imagination with their words, but would I really get along with all of their personalities? I doubt it.
Goodkind does include some themes I would not expect to see in most fantasy books, so if he doesn't feel he should be labelled a fantasy author he might actually be right. Does using a specific type of setting mean that a label should apply? I certainly hope not, but realize that does happen quite a bit. Do I consider him a fantasy author? Yes, but that is probably because I have only read fantasy-type works of his. I don't even know if I would buy something else with his name on it. He is entitled to his own opinions, and if you really want to hate him just don't buy the books.
Or read them and try looking for a moral to the story in Faith of the Fallen, or a caricature of a certain former President and First Lady of the USA in Soul of the Fire. Like I said, maybe he is right in trying to avoid being tagged as a "fantasy" author.
i think you'll find that everything he uses in the SoT series does indeed make them fantasy. if they're not fantasy, then what the hell is?

hi Saetic :)
you know the most annoying thing about the dumb gathering? when i got back i found out that just a few weeks later in LA there was a convention with a whole bunch of the Grease 2 stars there. i'm still fuming that i didn't know about it, i could have spent my money on that instead! i did LOVE Vegas though...
Shoegaze99 said:
Maybe my favorite quote, and the most telling, is this one:

[/font][font=&quot]What I have done with my work has irrevocably changed the face of fantasy. In so doing I've raised the standards. I have not only injected thought into a tired empty genre, but, more importantly, I've transcended it showing what more it can be-and is so doing spread my readership to completely new groups who don’t like and wont ready typical fantasy."

It's difficult to imagine the nature of the plant he is smoking.


Are you implying that smoking pot makes people arrogant? :confused:
I just read this on goodkinds site... I cant believe he gives people so little credit.

" Terry's first goal, and any author for that matter, is to tell a story. Whether the story is fiction or non-fiction, the story always follows a specific formula: beginning, middle, climax, end. "

Who'd have thought, starting with the beginning?
I tried to read WFR a while back, I think I made it to chapter three before I put it back on the shelf. My uncle loaned it from me and he didn't even get to chapter three before brought it back. Weve both had many a fun dig at how completely rubbish we though the book was but neither of us had any idea what a High and Mighty clown the guy is! The whole thing has had me in stiches, everything from the interview to the comments people have made. Hasn't he ever possesed a shred of humility, or did he lose it along with his anonymity? Anyway I have to thank the man for making me laugh so hard!
alone said:
Are you implying that smoking pot makes people arrogant?

i think he was implying that the guy must be on a lot of drugs to be that far removed from reality...
I have read qute a few of his Sword of Truth series however i am very disillusioned by them now. They all seem to follow exactly the same plot,
1.Some evil organisation or person decides to try and deliver the world to the Keeper in some way
2. Richard and Kahlan are apart for the majority of the book
3. someones life is threatened
4. Richard makes some seemingly great sacrifice for mankind
5. Richard uses his magic to solve the problem, no matter what it is
6. everyone is happy until the next disaster

According to Terry goodkind then, I must hate a good book. How ridiculous
I have read all of Goodkind's novels in the Sword of Truth series. I agree with earlier postings that the first couple in the series were very good Fantasy novels. He had come up with some very original ideas, the mother confessor, the bond and the dreamwalker.
I feel that this has now gone on too long. Jagang is too powerful to be beaten in a credible fashion. He will end up like a typical Bond bad guy. Richard and his chums have gotten out of more certain death scenarios than the afore-mentioned Mr. Bond.
Will we have to put up with another 8 novels to get an answer. I fear this will be the case.:D
After reading 5 of Mr Goodkinds books,i have now stopped reading his works.
He was,to my mind becoming boring,his books fail to engage me now.
His hero,Richard sets off on some near impossible task which,after the first few pages is never mentioned again,untill some 400pgs later where his hero [Goodkind?]stands up and talks to a crowd of thousands of fanatics,and after a few minutes they all throw away there weapons and beliefs,someone standing next to the Mother Confessor says in an awed voice "He is a remarkable man"
and she simpers "Yes,i know"
Goodkind is a phony,and has with his so called fame,has also become arrogant which if he was good at what he does,would be forgiven,but he aint.
Robert Jordan asked in an interview if he was aware that some people thought that Mr Goodkind was copying his work answered "I am aware of Mr Goodkinds work" Now theres a diplomat for you.
I had stopped reading Goodkind well before I came to these forums. All the books got to be a bit too preachy for me. Now that I have read some of this authors interviews I see where this aspect came from, he thinks he is someone who deserves praise. It is one thing to seek praise from your fans it is quite another to demand it, as it seems Terry Goodkind does.

wizards first rule, stone of tears, and the most recent one....can't remember the title... are great fantasy books. they are among my favorite stories to read... but, i will say that i dont like terry goodkind as a person. i think his ethics are messed up and frankly, he isnt that good of a writer. what drove me to many of his books were the story lines, not the writing. regardless, i will definitly read the last two books in the series, eventhough he is mr. badunkind sometimes...

Is there any news on if and when this interview is happening? All this controversy about Goodkind caused me to read Wizard's First Rule, and in the end it was-alright. Neither as bad as I'd feared nor as good as Goodkind seems to believe. I do think he's created one of the lamest fantasy heroes in living memory with Richard Cypher, though. His emotional range seemed to comprise overly soppy sensitivity on the one hand ("that's what friends do, Kahlan, my friend" *hugs* etc) and RIGHTOUS ANGER! on the other. Then again, I may just be one of those peons incapable of understanding TG's deep characterisation and profound philosophies. I'd sure like to see how he deals with the Chronicles Crew, however...
Wizard's First Rule wasn't bad, an easy read despite it's length. the first 4 books i liked, it's after that they go way off track. and the first 4 books trick you because they're not full of philosophy and you'd be forgiven for missing the "point" of them. (which is philosophy, NOT entertainment. you must not read them for entertainment purposes).

i've been dying to see the Chronicles interview too. i hope it's still happening! i just want to read ONE interview where someone asks some tough question and we get to see Badunkind try to worm his way around them!
Lol!! I completely forgot!!!

I may well have missed the Chinafire marketing window on this occasion - however, I'll make a point to chase this up in future, and try to raise some of the questions for him to answer, if he will.
I'm sure, given the oppurtunity, Mr. Goodkind would love to pout and spit and explain in great detail why this entire forum is filled with uneducated, illiterate idiots.

That, in itself, makes me proud of the company I keep. :)

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