What's your 'Self-name'?

My self-name was given to me in high school--------misfit. I never considered it to be derogatory, because I hung out with two different crowds (the brains and the partyers), but never really fit into either group. I'm still a loner but think it is healthier to "fit in", so "misfit" is the name I should be trying to disprove.
I think I have a new name: Brian who gets everything done on time, and doesn't actually leave far too much to the last minute and not even get some things done that he should have completely finished weeks ago. :(
Have to be Richard The Wrong.

I like the idea off spending the rest of my life proving i'm write. I mean i'm a man there for i'm usaully wrong. I even managed to get my first posting locked for doing it wrong. So i guess i'm not off to a very good start
One of my friends always calls me 'Weasal', a sort of version of 'Louise'; It went from 'Louise' to 'louisal' to 'weasal'. Usually used to recall me if I go off on one.

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