What's your 'Self-name'?

Sep 25, 2003
Guam, USA
I just finished reading this really great book called, "A Door Into Ocean" by Joan Slonczewski. In it there is an 'alien' race called the Sharers, one aspect of they're fictional culture that I found interesting was that in order to be considered adults they chose a 'self-name', explained simply, they came up with an epithet to attach to their name, the idea was that whatever name you chose, you spent the rest of your life trying to disprove; for example, I think I would choose, ann the inconsistent, and therefore, I must try to be consistent in everything from now on. What would your self-name be?
Hm...a name with meaning? Now that is both interesting and problematic to apply. I remember a few years ago I was very enamoured with changing my name to something like the following:

Constantine Ali Brian El-Lion Brittanicus-Ra

Inconsistent? Nah, just plain pretentious. :)

One to disprove? Interesting - have to think on that.

Btw - on the subject of names and meaning, I'm curious - where does your screen alias "talldoubleicedcapp" comes from?
I have to addictions in my life, reading and coffee. My love affair with coffee began with mochas, but it has gone on to the next level, now (with the exception of a good strong cup of regular coffee)I drink strictly cappuccinos, to be specific, tall with a double shot of esspresso, usually its iced because, living on a tropical island, cooler drinks are usually preferable to hot ones, but when it rains, or early in the morning I make an exception :p
Ah...now that makes sense. Maybe they don't have decent libraries on Guam, but I guess they at least have decent coffee. :)

As to the original therad - I think I'd be happy to take on the name "Impossible" - and try to prove that things deigned "impossible" are therefore "possible" - such as getting published, for starters. I've just got to try and prove it's possible. :D
Jerkwad the Unsuccessful

Boy, that's a lot to overcome!
Self name...hmmmnn

Obi the Ordinary....lol

So in order to disprove the ordinary epithet I shall have to prove my credentials to join the Extraordianry League of Gentlemen.
Hi everybody once more. I wonder how to write... ł is a Polish letter pronounced like w in English. You may try to read it like "miuka" or "mewka". Yea, people from other countries have sometimes problems with remembering my name. Miłka is abreviation from Dobromiła - a typical Slav name. I'm also fond of special characters in languages, not only European.

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