Favourite GRRM quotes

Just re-reading Feast, and Cersei comes out with the odd gem throughout her POV chapters:
"One good night, for one good knight," to Osney (I think) Kettleblack.
There are just so many awesome quotations, I wish there was a book of selected ASoIaF quotations and sayings (there isn't, is there?), I'd definitely buy it.
Three that come to mind:

From A Game of Thrones:

King Robert: "The King eats, while the hand takes the sh*t"


Dolorous Edd: "This is gonna be uglier than a whore's a**"

From Storm of Swords:

Tyrion: "For hands of gold are always cold. But a woman's hands are warm." He gave cold hands another twist, while warm ones beat away his tears.
Welcome, dafozz. Mayhaps my favorites are all of Puh-Puh-Puh-Podrick Puh-Puh-Puh-Paynes' "Sers" to Brienne.
One of my faves has always been Robert speaking to Ned of the glories they will achieve again now that Ned is Hand....in the middle of this grand speech Robert says "Do I smell bacon?" and then keeps on going about the setting the kingdom to right...great stuff.

So whenever I get a little pompous and start going on about something (which I do a surprising number of times per day)....the wife will interrupt with a well-timed "Do I smell bacon?" and then smirk at me...never fails to shut me up.
First and still greatest shock yet.....
Maester Luwin turned and said to them - "Well have to find a carver that knew him well"

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