Pratchett film

I don't think Prattchetts books would make very good films... Still, I will go and see them when they are out. I won't make any judgements before I see them.
CarlottaVonUberwald said:
i honestly thin kthere isn't one pratchett book that wouldnt make a good film.... and it's not often that can be said about novels.
My eyes wander towrds another cult British Sci/Fi institution and the dogs breakfast of a film that was made, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, and think: True they would be good films. But they are films that would be better left unmade than trashed by Hollywood.
I thought I'd read somewhere (a long time ago) that Terry Pratchett refused all film offers, preferring to let people use their imaginations as to the appearance of characters and locations in the Discworld.
Has he changed his mind?

ps - this is my first post. Hello!
Hi Harpo & welcome to the forums. :)

Maybe you're right about a live action film but he's done 2 or 3 animated ones and doesn't seem to bothered about that.

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