Suggestions to B7E


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Apr 23, 2004
With Paul Darrow out of the picture, many fans (including myself) are completely against having the role of Avon being recast. That being said (or written in this case), I think the best course of measure in this circumstance is to leave the character of Avon written out altogether for this so-called B7 revival, that the B7E company keeps bragging about. Personally, I think it's for the best, think about it for a moment. When B7E brought their official site online for the first time, it was clearly hinted that Paul Darrow would not only be the remaining character to return from the original series, he would also be serving as a bridge between the past and future, then he was to allegedly die a heroic death and a new generation of heroes would rise up and continue the fight Avon started against the Federation. This would have been a done-deal, providing that the tv movie/mini-series did well in the ratings to greenlight a spinoff series. Unfortunately, that's not going to happen now. Therefore, if B7E insists on moving forward with the B7 revival, which apparently appears to be the case, then they should leave the character of Avon out of the story and explain that he perished along with his crew on Gauda Prime. Since Paul Darrow was going to die at one point in the tv movie/mini-series anyway, I think this is the way to go as opposed to having the role of Avon being recast.

Finally, introduce new characters in the story which will undoubtedly form the new B7 crew, with Orac being the only remaining character from the original series with a major upgrade: becoming the heart and soul of the new B7 starship and move forward from there. Here's another tip for B7E: introduce a character with the last name, Blake. The writer/s could come up with an explanation about this character being a family relative of Blake's, possibly Roj's sister who reportedly died when he first heard news about it in the premiere. But perhaps she somehow survived? Or maybe Roj's sister somehow had a daughter to carry on his legacy? This seems like a good idea because having a family relative of Blake's would remove the awkwardness and need to explain to new potential viewers about who or what is Blake's 7. Thoughts anyone?