Tad Williams/Raymond E Feist Comic


Mar 21, 2005
Hi all...:D

I know Rune recently brought up a question I think either here or on her own site about the short stories The Wood Boy (Rayomnd E Feist from his Riftwar saga) and The Burnning Man (Tad Williams from his Memory, Sorrow and Thorn trilogy) and their appearance in the Legends fantasy anthology.

Anyway, I don't know if she mentioned a comic version of these 2 short stories but here's a link with preview pages of each of the comics produced from the Dabel Brothers stable for those interested

The Dabel Brothers were also responsible for the excellent 'The Hedge Knight' comic, from George RR Martin's short in the same anthology, and I believe they may be following it up with an adaptation of 'The Sworn Sword', Martin's short in Legends II.

More here.
Thanks for the update and link Cullwch.

I also believe they'll be making an adaptation of Feist's original and IMO best work Magician for those interested.
You're right, there, KO. It's mostly for us sad, must-own-everything-related fanboys....

Though I still don't own The Hedge Knight comic. I've not yet reached maximum patheticness.

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