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The Blackfish

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Oct 3, 2005
Sydney, Australia
Has anyone read the "Emperor Series" by Conn Iggulden? It tells the story of Julius Ceaser from a child to all-conquering general. I am really enjoying them and waiting for the next one to come out (does anyone know when that is?)
I was just wondering: How does this series compare to other Ceaser books, and how historically accurate have readers found them to be?
I read the first one, and own the next two (I think, the second for sure) but am yet to get around to reading them. I did enjoy the first book. Haven't really read anything else fictive about Caesar, and am not too knowledgable about the the period, so I can't say how accurate they are either. Not much help all round....
Neither are very accurate, they are afterall just works of fiction, for instance Ceaser didnt actually call the legion the tenth because of decimation but because it was the tenth legion created in that area i think.
I really enjoyed this series of books. Conn is a wonderful storyteller.

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