William Wagner's "Cyborg Resurrection"


Miles the Cyborg Fox
Nov 1, 2005
This series has been inspired by the movie series "RoboCop" and the Sonic the Hedgehog gaming universe. Some elements from the two are borrowed and copyrighted by their respective holders. I'm just the poor American soul that put the pieces together.

Anyways, this is not the light Sonic series you see on TV, this is Miles "Tails" Prower the fox in an electronic Frankenstein story that finally brings him into a role of main character. You may be intrigued, or even repulsed, Enjoy.

-William Wagner

Chapter 1
The skyline of Station Square expanded as the MediaBreak program's intro. The screen melted into the intro sequence
"This is Medibreak, you give us three minutes, we'll give you the world."
The program went through a few uninteresting newsclips, including a SDI station failure in space, while the President was there, making him weightless for a bit. The only thing that was interesting, was the police news.
"Three dead police officers, one critically injured. Police unions blame Omni Consumer Products, OCP, the firm that recently entered into a contract with the city to fund and run the city police. Sally Acorn, Division President, OCP."
The screen blanked out showing Sally in a business outfit, typical corporate high up.
"Every policeman knows when they join the force, there are certain risks, ask any cop they'll tell you, if you can't take the heat, stay out of the kitchen." Sally said.
Station Square
Central Precinct, Metro West
"Prower, transferring in from Metro South." a tall orange/yellow fox says. "Nice precinct," the echinda, Knuckles says. "Yeah, its alright." Tails says.
"We work down here for a living Prower, get your armor and suit up." the sergeant echinda said.
....The locker room was full of cops, and the place looked less of creature comforts.
"Any words on Sonic?"
"Nope, he's still listed as critical."
"Wife must be going out of her red headed mind."
"What brings you to this paradise?" one cop said to Tails.
"I don't know, I think OCP's just moving us around." Tails said uneasily.
"Omni Consumer Products, what a bunch of morons, they're going to manage department, right into the ground."
Tails pulled on his belt and put a gun in the holster when the echinda told him to report front and center.
He heard a commotion and a prisoner was trying to escape, and a pink haired hedgehog cop, was beating the crap out of him, returning him to the cop who was holding him.
"Amy, come here when you're finished messing around with your suspect." the echinda said.
"Prower, this is your new partner, this is Amy. Amy, show him the neighborhood."
"I'd better drive until you know your way around." Amy says.
Tails descended to the motorpool and opened his cruiser door. "I usually drive when breaking in a new partner." he gave her a smart look. Amy shrugged and got into the passenger side, popping bubble gum.

Chapter 02: ED-209
"Do you really think the Old Man's going to be there? Why invite us?" a junior A-OCP executive says.
"Well, the high level people have to bring in their support staffs. Whatever that's going on up there, its big." Johnson says.
"I figure they're greenlighting Delta City." the exec called Kinney said.
"What, are you crazy? They never do anything ahead of schedule." the junior exec called Morton says. "Its Sally, she's got the new 209 series online and now she wants to show off."
"That's a tough break Bob." Johnson says.
"Oh? Why's that?"
"ED-209 ran into a series of cost overruns and problems, the Old Man ordered a backup plan." Johnson says. "Probably to light a fire under Sally's butt. Old Bob here gets the assignment."
The chattering stopped as the Old Man, who was actually a frazzled old chipmunk, cleared his throat. "Gentlemen." the secretary started to dictate. "I've had this dream, for more than a decade now, a dream that I have invited you all to share with me. That dream is Delta City." the execs started clapping.
"Old Station Square has a cancer, that cancer is crime. And it must be removed before we move in the 30 million workers who will breathe life into this city." the Old Man says. "Community services, such as law enforcement, have suffered. I think its time we gave something back." this time the execs roared with applause and the Old Man turned to Sally and told her to get up.
Sally immediately walked up to the podium and screens started to flash on. "Here at OCP, we have dabbed into markets usually marked as non-profit. Space exploration, police, hospitals. I'd say good business is where you find it. We've restructured the Station Square Metropolitian Police. But that is just the beginning. We need a 24 hour cop, that doesn't need to eat or sleep. A cop with superior firepower and the reflexes to use it." Sally stepped to a large set of double doors. "Fellow executives. I present to you...."
The doors had opened, revealing a battleship gray robot with two gunnery cannons on its sides. "ED-209."
The machine roared to life and started walking up to the boardroom table and cycled down.
"ED-209 is currently programmed for urban pacification, but that is just the beginning, in ten years we'll see that ED-209 becomes the hot military product for the next two decades." Sally says. "We'll need a test subject. Mr.Kinney..."
"Yes m'am."
"Use this gun in a threatening manner." Kinney pointed it at Sally who laughed lightly. "Point it at ED-209."
Kinney unsuringly loaded the gun and the robot sprang up. "Please put down your weapon, you have 20 seconds to comply."
"I think you'd better do what he says, Mr.Kinney."
Kinney dropped the gun instantly, and ED-209 roared again. "You now have 15 seconds to comply."
Kinney started walking backwards and ED-209 growled "You now have 10 seconds to comply."
It apparently had a malfunction. A lethal one.
"You now have 5 seconds to comply, 4...3...2...1 I am now authorized to use physical force."
Kinney never knew what hit him as a hail of bullets proceeded into him. ED-209 shut down shortly afterwards.
"Its a minor glitch, a setback." Sally says.
"YOU CALL THIS A GLITCH?" The Old Man says, "Your set back alone cost us a good executive and 50 million dollars."
"Um sir, I'm sure that the Cy-Fox program designed by myself and Security Concepts would be a contigency to this sort of thing." Bob Morton piped up.
"OK, Mr.Morton present it to me in..." Sally started to say and the Old Man cut her off. "What we need here is a fresh perspective. Are you ready to go, young man?"
"We're ready sir, we've restructed the police department for risk assessment."
"Excellent." The Old Man said. "Present it to me immediately."
"Yes sir." Morton looked at Sally who looked like she could kill Morton.

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