So, anyone read White Wolf


Lord of Pain
Sep 7, 2005
I went and bought my first David Gemmell book today "The Swords of Night and Day" only to find out that it was book 2 of The Damned series and the book 1 is White Wolf.

I have placed a order online for White Wolf and waiting for it. Since this is my first David Gemmell do you think i should wait for White Wolf or start off with The Swords of Night and Day.

As anyone read the series.
they both work well as seprate stories you don't have to read one to understand the other but I would recomend white wolf coz its just a better book all round the swords of day and night is a completely different adventure just has some of the same characters in
I've read them. Enjoyed most of his books that I have read. :)
I would certainly start off with White Wolf even though, as Jason has pointed out, they can be read as separate stories.
Forget that, order "Legend" and read that first...

But if it's a choice between the two, White Wolf builds a better picture of Skilgannons character than The Swords of night and day. The second book is good, but without reading the first book I don't think I'd have liked it as much.

I just think thaty without reading Legend or White Wolf, Harad's character isn't as understandable.
It doesn't matter that much which you read first although it's probably better to start with White Wolf. They're both brilliant books!
have to agree with the other users, definately read white wolf first.

You should also try the legend series as they are just as good, if not better than skilgannons story, i personally think.
No you definatly need to read white wolf first the dammed books were the first David Gemmell books i read. Ive been hooked ever since. Just finished the the king beyond the gate and started waylander. Legend was good the king beyond the gate was ok.
Be sure to let us know what you think when you've finished each book! ;)