REVIEW: Flight of the Nighthhawks (The Darkwar - Book One) by Raymond E Feist

The Master™

Science fiction fantasy
Apr 7, 2004
Once more I am dragged willingly in to the clutches of another Raymond E Feist novel, and am not disappointed... :D


The saga of good versus evil on the planets of Midekemia and Kelewan continues...

The story of this book continues about a year after the end of the Conclave of Shadows trilogy...

The Conclave are still trying to frustrate the efforts of the mad god... The principal characters once again are Pug, Nakor, Miranda, Caleb, Magnus, Talwin (Talon of the Silver Hawk) Hawkins, Kaspar (former Duke of Olasko) Petro Amafi (former assassin), along with a number of newly introduced characters who will no doubt be expanded in the following parts of the series and saga... There is even a very aged Duke Erik von Darkmoor, Knight-Marshall of Krondor... Oh and a quick appearance of Tomas, Warleader of Elvandar... :D

I thought that the story telling was as good a would be expected from Mr Feist... But this is not a book that can be read on its own... You would need to read the previous books, particularly the Conclave of Shadows, to have any idea who most of the characters are and the history of the events... Some is explained, but not all...

Certainly it is a good start to The Darkwar Saga... Though the title seemed, after finishing a little dubious... The Nighthawks are mentioned in some depth, but they aren't/weren't in flight... If anything, they appeared to be fought and slaughtered to a man (or woman)... Everything they seem to do comes to nought and they are frustrated... For a gang/family/cult of assassins, they seem to fail miserably...

I do like the parts of the story that show that the agents of the Conclave seem to win by accident...

All in all, a good read, but you'd need to read through all the other books to appreciate the story and events in this book...

9 out of 10 (In My Not So Humble Opinion)... ;)