Any know where to get Gemmel books?


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Aug 30, 2005
Does anyone know if he has his own web site or his publisher does so i can order all the books i want... amazon doesn't have all the one i want :( as i'm new so hello.
Quite bizarrely, there is a site called If you then go to "His Books", you can order them, though I think that is through amazon anyway...
Directly by the publishers, it says on amazon his books are published by Bantam. Another quick googling shows us that Bantam is part of Randomhouse. Thus, amazingly...

Google is your friend. And when mixed with amazon, can tell you all you want to know:cool:

Oh, and welcome to the forums:)
you could just go into WH Smiths n ask them if u can order a book, thats what i done and it only takes around a week to come if u can wait that long
Depends where you are and budgets. As mentioned certain auction sites are pretty good to get a bargain or two, likewise you can pick them up from most book shops in the UK, occassionally you find them at Car boots. What I can do is if I find any I'll let you know (if you can provide a list youre after, let you know what I paid and the postage to where you are.) Be wary though if youre in the states it will cost quite a bit, but if in the UK it should be about £5 if prepared to take a week to get there.

A good website is my own, its updated quite a bit and I will be adding the tour dates shortly for the September release of Shield of Thunder.