"Lost" with Spoilers

No, that's not weird. :(
But franckly Locke is very disturbed, he even went out with Peg Bundy !!!
Is she in LOST??? :D

It is all weird... Had an argument today with a work colleague who seemed to have lost the plot about that incident between Locke and Boon... Failed to realise that the paste was a mind altering drug... Thought it was nothing more than an anticeptic...
To him, yes.
Well, it won't be a long subplot, and she/he'll soon won't forget/forgive Locke.
This discussion has lagged with all the flipping reruns. But now they're showing new episodes again, and I for one have more questions than ever.

So obviously, "when you see the black smoke" (or however they actually phrased that) doesn't mean what we thought it did -- where does that leave us? Any ideas what that thing is?
Re: the black smoke...I'm not sure yet what it is, but it sure seemed like it was tasting Mr. Eko. I'm wondering if that is the same thing that happened to Locke, remember way back when he said that he had seen into the heart of the island, and it was "beautiful" or "wonderful" or something like that.

I'm also really wondering if that really is Walt on the computer, or if the computer (or whoever is behind it) is playing mind games with Michael.

Oh, and why is Charlie really hoarding all that heroin. Was he lying to Claire that he hadn't been using again?
The black smoke was bizarre with the ghostly figures within it. Do you think that is the same "black smoke" the French woman was referring to? The smoke from the fire looked quite normal and there was actually a fire burning on the beach, just no "others" around.

Yes, I also believe Michael is being lured away. Why else would Walt ask him if he was alone?
I'm a little late to this one, but I just finished the series for the first time, and was a little confused about one aspect of the ending. I get that there was a parallel/afterlife where dead characters would live lives as if the plane never crashed. My main question is around the "timing" in which they arrived there.

I assume that characters who died during the show arrived to that place almost immediately. However, what about Hugo, Ben, Kate, Sawyer, and Desmond? What I think is they went on to live full lives and when they died, they arrived too. But since there was no real concept of time in that place, they were all together when Jack (the last) got there.

Also, what about the characters who were in the afterlife, but not on the island (like Jack's son). Where those spirits as well, or just part of the world the characters created?

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