The eyes of Heisenberg

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Aug 23, 2004
Classic Herbert, and some concepts that are a bit difficult to swallow, such as the Optimen, god's but flawed, the cyborgs both as oposing sides with the Folk in the middle. I know everyone has read Dune and sequels, how about his other work?
Loved this one. Not a masterpiece of Frank Herbert but a good novel.
tha was my feeling also. i've got a load of others to go through: The Godmakers, The Dosadi Experiment, Hellstorm's Hive and Space Family Stone
Could you give me a more detailed idea of what the story is about? After having enjoyed the Pandora trilogy, The White Plague and a book of his short stories, I know there's more to Herbert than Dune, but I haven't really explored a lot.
The eyes of Heiseinberg is about a war between two immortal variations of men : the Optimen (who basically rule the world) and the Cyborg (who would like to rule it). The weapon of choice : excitation to unbalance the hormonal state of the Optimen and lead them to death. The only hope will come from regular humans.

You may wish to read "the Santaroga barrer" and "Soul Catcher" (although this one not sci-fi) to have an idea of all Frank Herbert writing range.
I just fin. with it. It was alright.

When he published this - how old was his oldest: maybe this plays into its content. Alot of parenting issues were brought up.
Tim Bond said:
I just fin. with it. It was alright.

When he published this - how old was his oldest: maybe this plays into its content. Alot of parenting issues were brought up.

Written in 1996, Brian was 19, and I think his bro was in his 20s.
I will be a nerd - I have a copy and it says ... :)

1966 actualy written up as EOH
and in 1965 under a different title (Do I sleep or Wake)
and my edition was put out in 1976
when it was written was some time before 65' - how long????

so his oldest son in 1996 was 20 years old?
Guess with that distribution of years -20 from 96' is only 76'
if his sone was somewhere around 30-40 the numbers would line up and my initial guess might have been correct.

Maybe my guess about it was off - he, with this above data only gives the impression he had no experience with the subject of children in 66' - he (assuming all numbers line up) was not even close to being a father by then.


Some very cool writters for SF and artists for fantasy came out of the 50's-60's. Alot of greats. Is most of that creativity locked up in computers or games now or what - or am I getting nostalgix all over everyone?
Sorry I've made a typo, it's 1966. and Brian Herbert was born in 1947, his brother a few years before.
In 1996, Frank Herbert was already ten years dead.
Those 69's can be tricky ;)


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Still considering we were both still very much on subject -
was the book written around the same time 'the deed was done'?

It seemed a possible correlate.

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