Human Optics and Color Perception

I have had eye problems for the last twelve years or so. All of this makes sense to me. It is awesome that other people are able to 'see' the crazy stats on eyes and the 'magic' that comes with them!
JUST A FACT that few people know.
Do you know that a damaged retina cannot heal itself? This is derived from the fact that if our retinas healed themselves, it would affect our short term memory because of a vitamin or something that is found in our bodies that aids in both.
Odd science? No. Just a fact about our bodies.
Therefore, once retinal damage occurs, it is possible to put a 'sling' or a 'patch', but, it never fully heals to full capacity.
Colors in a retinal damage area are greatly affected. Light is changed as it flows in to the eyes and reaches the retina. Simple colors become grey and depth perception becomes a one dimensional surface where grey colors join together and look like one color and surface.
I was treated for Graves' Disease many years back, and needed several surgeries to literally put my eyes back in place. Since then I've become a contributor to the Doheney Eye Institute in LA where I was treated. They are an amazing research hospital and part of USC Medical Center.

Lately they've experimented with retinal transplants on people with macular degeneration (where the center of vision degrades). They take the functioning retina at the sides of the person's field of vision and move it to the center. The problem they are finding is that the brain still "sees" images as if they are at the sides of their field of vision. Weird. It looks like those connections are just too strong for the brain to correct for them.

Here's what Graves' Disease does, BTW:

Graves' Disease :eek:

And yes, that's what I looked like.
Trickery! My perception of color is so messed up—still can't believe what is supposedly happening!